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Swestie's 1st Whole30

Sallie Shuford

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First time going for a Whole30. I've tried doing "Paleo-ish," but I think the strict measures of Whole30 are what I need to start my body on the right track.


I'm an athlete, but due to prolonged stress, emotional eating, I've gained about 40lbs. Nothing I used to do in the past to get the weight off works! I'm also suffering from skin itchies, borderline high blood pressure and hypothyroid. Oh, and I love my wine. 


I am praying that these issues will be alleviated through right-eating. My husband is doing this with me. He loves his cigarettes, so we've both got a real challenge ahead making those two things work. 


I'm really excited about all of the support the Whole30 community offers.


Am I supposed to write here every day?

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