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I'm amazed

ms mcfabulous

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I'm finishing day 23 and I'm amazed at some of the changes I've experienced.  Most importantly for me sugar, I no longer feel a compulsive need for it. 


There are other changes too...I have no desire to weigh myself.  I feel comfortable enough at this point that if I lost 1 pound or 20 pounds I don't really want to know.  I told myself from the beginning, I'm not doing this for the scale.


I don't ache. 


I don't have brain fog


and generally I have a lot more energy. 


My husband has been incredibly supportive and thrown some tough love my way. 


The forum has answered my questions when I've need guidance.


And surprisingly, where I never would have thought this 23 days ago...but I believe with some more hard work this is something I can live with...of course ask me that at day 29.  ;)

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