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Can I blend vegetables into sauces?

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Hi all, I am starting my first Whole30 soon and wanted to know if I can blend veggies into sauces to 'hide' them? Usually I would cook down peppers, carrots, onions, celery and courgette and then blend with herbs and tomatoes to make a nice tomato sauce that I can use across dishes with more nutritional content. Obviously all the ingredients are fine but I wanted to make sure the method of 'hiding' is allowed as I am sure I read that you should try to eat everything more simply? I do not discard the skins etc like you would get with juicing. I still serve a veggie side with it.

Thanks for any opinions!

Edited to add: I don't hide the veggies because I don't like them! I love veg but this sauce can be prepped and frozen, used on many dishes and is super delicious!

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