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Alright - I've read the book and mentally prepared myself for the challenge. Today was day 1 and I had class and work to keep my mind off food.

Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled with carrots, onion, and celery; chicken sausage; small apple

Lunch-cashews; tuna with homemade mayo; 2 small meatballs with sause (Mashup of leftovers from yesterday)

Dinner- baked chicken and a half a plate of steamed mixed vegetables

I know I'm not supposed to snack but I see a piece of fruit in my future.

I had a headache today but I'm not sure if that's Whole30 related because I get headaches often.. we will see how I feel in the morning :)

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Hi, saraceno92013! 


Don't forget to have vegetables and fat at every meal. You'll feel a lot better over the course of your Whole30 if you work to make all your meals match the meal template. If you eat plenty at your meals, you probably won't want to snack, but if at first, as you're trying to figure out portion sizes and everything, you're hungry between meals, it's best to have a mini meal of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. It's not that fruit is bad, but it is less likely to affect your blood sugar if you eat it with meals.


Headaches are pretty common in the first few days. Again, eating plenty of food helps, as does ensuring you're drinking plenty of water. And don't forget to salt your food, since most of the whole foods you'll be eating don't contain any salt. It doesn't need to be huge amounts of salt, just whatever tastes good.

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Day 2 under my belt!

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with peppers and asparagus; roasted red potatoes

Lunch - baked chicken breast; half a plate of mixed veggies; peach

Dinner - spaghetti squash; baked chicken; tomato sauce

Felling good but so much on my plate with work, classes... so much to do and so little motivation.

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Day 3! Today was rough for sure. My cravings are in full swing. I wanted bread soooo badly. I also had to figure out what to eat when I went out to lunch with my mom. #whole30struggle

Breakfast - 1.5 eggs scrambled with veggies; roasted red potato; chicken sausage

Lunch - Salad from the Greene Turtle (mixed greens, apple, craisins, chicken, oil and vinegar)

Dinner - pork chop; green beans with ghee; cashews; organic apple cider

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