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Completed my first Whole30!!! WOO HOOOO!


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And I say first because I know I'll do it again!


I kept a journal through the first few weeks, noting what food I ate and how I felt. I had several friends who had done it and were great resources for meal ideas and where to shop. 


My story, written Sept 1, 2015, my first day on Whole30:
In 2002 I started noticing pain when I slept. I also stated noticing my feet swelling on occasion when I drank a glass of wine. I chalked it up to my mattress - too firm. I was 20lbs overweight - probably the weight I am now. I couldn’t lay on that side. No other real pain. A few years later, much heavier, I started noticing pain when I walked, when I sat. Often. I figured it was my weight and so I went on a national plan and lost 55lbs. I was lean and felt it. Although the pain was still there - like a radiating pain down my legs. Two pregnancies, many pounds gained and lost and 12 years later…


After lots of gut issues, bloating, pain, etc. I eliminated gluten from my diet. The swelling went completely away but the rest of it remained. I had tried eliminating a lot of things but never as thorough as Whole30. I saw many doctors, had many tests and was prescribed medication that I didn't fill.  I’m praying that God can use this to show me what I need, what I don’t, what makes me feel good, what I need to stay away from and how to be content - a running theme in my life it seems.I was officially diagnosed with IBS, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Bursitis and knew I had to figure out a way to beat this without pills. 

Fast forward 32 days and here I am 2 days post Whole30 with a completely new perspective on food.
Week 1 I started noticing less pain, better sleep no cravings and constant hunger. I had the typical haze of not eating sugar.
Week 2 almost all pain was gone, no digestive issues at all, sleeping great and waking up feeling rested.
Week 3 my energy returned and 7 hours was enough, I'd wake up feeling great, no tummy problems at all and no pain. I could sleep on my sides for the first time in 13 years!
Week 4 I noticed clothes fitting differently, others started noticing a "glow" and I felt so much better!
I can truly say Whole30 has greatly improved my life! After 2 days of reintroduction I know that dairy is a problem food. I'll be strict Whole30 for the next few days as I get my tummy back in check.
Thank you Dallas and Melissa! I have shared throughout the 30 days on IG and FB and have had some friends join in. I have loved cooking and buying fresh foods and feeling good. I loved not counting calories. I have had so many non-scale victories! And my scale victory... 12.2lbs. I hope to make Whole30 a lifestyle because it makes me feel so much better!
Stacey Meredith
Memphis, TN
Whole30 Graduate!
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Wow! Stacey, GREAT JOB!! Your story is very inspiring and motivating. Congratulations on your victories. It sounds like  you've accomplished an incredible amount in just 30 days. You've given me a lot of hope that this will actually work, so thank you for sharing how much your life has improved! Well done, You!

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Your story is very encouraging, Stacey. I'm doing a whole30 right now hoping it will help alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms. I haven't noticed any change yet, but am going to stick it out. Besides dairy, did you notice any other foods that caused a flare up of symptoms? I've been eating more nuts than recommended...eating a porridge made from nuts some mornings when I can't tolerate the idea of eggs. Other than that, I think I've been "pretty good," but my pain, fatigue, and insomnia have not lessened.

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Hi Jwsett! Try eating last night's supper, leftover meat, blended soups, sausage, or some kind of veg/egg/sausage casserole when you can't tolerate eggs. I used to eat that nutty "porridge" thing too..... it didn't help anything, unfortunately. I know what you are saying about the eggs, but try, try, try to embrace the program as recommended. You'll get better (& faster) results. You can't do "mostly" and get full results.


I know you can do it! :) You are worth it.

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