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Thank you.   I went to the salon and I have a new doo.  I'm glad people don't recognize me.  It's great!


You are your own best cheerleader in the moments when no one else is around to be there for you.  When I look in the mirror,  I know this is what it looks like to be healthy.  It's not about a thigh gap or a Size 0.  


As the President of the Fruit and Nutty Bars for Global Peace and Happiness Coalition...I have to say I can't explain all of our behaviours nor do I understand it all.   But don't let that stop you from plowing ahead.  


Whether you understand yourself or not....Do what you KNOW you need to do.   YOU can figure it out while you're tooling and exercising and Whole 30'ing along.  At this stage of the game it doesn't matter what you want to do - You just have to do it.   You are committed and no excuses allowed.   NONE.


It takes awhile to make these new habits stick - you have to force them in the beginning until they become your nature.   Don't start romancing with an extreme or hybrid version of Whole 30.  You can try but if you're starting out with a larger amount of weight to release...it will end up in an epic failure.


Over-restriction will get you nowhere good.   The research has all been done for you.   Dialing this down until you're living on 'fat bombs', coffee and protein won't last.   You'll end up leaving piles of hair along the highway.   There's your kidneys to think about.   Do not dial it down.  


Tool along with Whole 30 each and every day until you reach your optimum setpoint.   I've been to the ridge,  I've romanced branded extreme diets and none of them are worth a hoot.   They're all a bunch of hooey.  I'm here to tell you, they truly are a 3rd rate romance. 


Whole 30 won't leave you sitting beside the road without a ride.  Dieting and over-restriction is major suckage.  That ain't the way you want to go.    


Stick the Landing.   You'll be glad you did.

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I love the idea of third rate diet romances. Couldn't be more true!

I am so happy to have healthy normal food to eat today. I plan to just plug away til Thanksgiving, as I had no choice over my food intake for a week or so; but I am here, staying here and grateful to our fearless Captain and First Mate (aka MeadowLily).

Chores have to be limited, but just doing something purposefully for my W30 journey, so I plan to do a scaled version. It's great to participate; it helps me "stick t landing" each day, and get that gold medal of sustainable eating and habits of living.

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Lol, I must be channeling.  I didn't make it on this morning because I was busy moving plants inside, sweeping off the patio, switching the summer and winter clothes from closet/storage tubs, and then took the dog to PetSmart for socializing.  Logged in to catch up and see the assignment and find I've already done it. :D


Meadow, that AWESOME! :)  I am releasing - negativity, weight (I nave not been on the scale, just positive thinking), bad habits - and it feels good!  I briefly struggled with old habits with all the fall/Halloween goodies in the store but found when I walked up to get a closer look I just wasn't interested.


Glad to see some more people enjoying "tiger blood" - it is so much nicer to wonder what to tackle with the extra energy than it is to wonder where I'm going to get the energy to get up off the couch and go to bed at night.

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Halloween candy is not interesting.  It will be there until the Zombie Apocalypse.  Go outside and put your ear to the ground.  Do you hear four horses?   If not,  we're still good to go.


It's time for renewal, reassessment and a reassertion of your goals.  Many people restart their Whole 30 efforts to get control of their weight and life in general.  Alot of thrill eaters look back into their pasts and childhoods for clues what the root cause is.  


I was beyond willing to plumb the depths of my soul for answers.  I didn't find them in books.  I searched the dark corners and ugly places of the ego and super ego to find the signs that pointed towards the key to unlock the mysteries of thrill eating.


If you have no readily identifiable trauma or abuse,  no weird attitudes about food while growing up...is it all genetic somehow?   If you were not overweight as a child  (I was not),  no particular peer pressure - your school career was blissfully uneventful for the most part;  no sneak eating and hiding food under the bed or in the closets....Why do certain foods make people crazy pants?


Here is why and where I admit I don't worry so much anymore about the WHY.  I really don't. 


If someone uncovered their roots and secret keys to thrill eating....


Did it change everything for them then?


Is this your key?   Sugar = Approval and Cheering and Love


My time was better spent on dealing with the Present than staying stuck in the past.  That's just how I tick.

You're somewhere in the Future.    Plan for it.

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Day 10! Hi all, it was another gorgeous day in the South-- perfect breeze, glorious sunshine. Made it to barre workout at 6am. On Monday, I hurt my back carrying a TV. It sure didn't look heavy. It always hurts worse a day or so later. Anyway, after my barre workout this morning, I never got around to my chores. Wanted an ibuprofen, but didn't go there. Did get to a Farmer's market for fresh veggies.

m1- eggs over easy, chicken sausage, tomatoes, spinach

m2- 1 tablespoon almond butter, 1 apple, 1 boiled egg, 1 meatball with tomato sauce (not my best effort) snacked on a Larabar Cashew cookie later. Felt like I couldn't make it until dinner. My first Larabar. Not bad, but will try to save those for after my Whole30.

m3- Pork meatballs with portobello, pepper, onion tomato sauce. Loving all of this made from scratch stuff!

Meadow, the future thoughts are sinking in. I want to be good to my future self.

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Your future self is going to be ready on Day 31 and waaaay beyond.   She won't be stunned or surprised with snackstorms.  They'll blow right by you and you will not be phased..not one iota.   


This will become so part of your nature that you can't imagine anything or anyone getting in your way of reaching your future self.  You want it with everything within your being.


You see, it's all fun.  Really. 


Morning Glory Pool.  Take a leap of faith and jump on in. 



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Rise and shine, campers.   Today is for fish, fish, fish.   Here's a tip if you don't have fresh fish.


Step One:


Using the can opener, open a can of fish.  Then fill the can with water.  Then place your right hand over the can and using your left hand, tilt the can cattywampus until the water drains back out.  This may take some practice to execute smoothly--and watch out for the fish trying to sneak past your hand.  They're dodgy little suckers.  


I also recommend this operation over the kitchen sink rather than your living room sofa.  Experts call this la rinsing of el fish.  Don't be intimidated.   I'll talk you through all of the fancy pants foreign cooking terms.


Repeat three times.  The la rinsing part not the opening part of the can--unless the appetite you located was enormous and you are cooking for two or more.


Pour the fish into a bowl and mix with your favorite mayo flavor, mustard, balsamic reduction, celery seed, dill, herbs de provence,  black pepper, salt, cayenne, red pepper flakes.  It helps to think about politics during your mixing in order to elevate your technique.  You seriously need to bring the proper enthusiasm to the mixing process.



Smoosche the fish.  To pulverize with great willingness and cheer, driven on by appetite.  You know when you've reached maximum integration when you do more taste testing than smoosching.  And Viola!  You're done.


Add to your roasted vege and/or fresh greens.  A bowl is not even required for this recipe.  So no need to rush out and buy one.  Cha-ching!  I just saved you some cash.  Time to shop for some more shoes!

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Meadow, YOU have totally elevate your technique in this last post. Had me laughing first thing this morning...well, after two walks with the pooches.

I love your sense of humor, sense of certainty, and motivational messages...so much larger than food, really...but, it does start with food, doesn't it?

Thanks so much. I guess you had a REALLY good night sleep last night!

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Today is Day 13.  You're close to the half-way point.  


Think beyond today.  Don't think about what you did in the past.  There's already far too many grooves in the brain from yesterday.   It's like a record that's stuck at Hello.


Your Future self doesn't revert and fall back into bowls of refined carbs.  Your Future is full of fish and shoes.


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Whole 30 dreams or nightmares.  Brain working on the Extinction Burst while you're sleeping.  





What we've not addressed or suppressed...the dreams are bringing up our wildest desires and passions to the center stage.


Look at me...Look at me.  




Don't forget me.   I made you what you are today.  Don't you dare think about telling me to eat your dust. "I'll get you, My Pretty".  



Do it anyway.  Eat My Dust.   You were not my friend.    You conspired against my body....you sneaky snake.  

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I haven't had a chance to read the posts the last few days, but I caught up this morning. I so enjoy all the posts!  Over the weekend I cleaned out my closet and my dresser, discarding a bunch of clothes.  Then on Sunday I cooked the Well Fed Week 1 meal plan: http://meljoulwan.com/2013/12/29/whole30-2014-week-1-meal-plan/. We have been eating pork roast, chocolate chili, chicken, roasted squash, clarified butter, homemade mayo  and lots of veggies this week.  It has helped tremendously to have  several choices already prepared to eat during the busy work week.  I went to spin class twice this week and am planning to do either a bicycle ride or hike this weekend. 

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Day 11. I skipped my workout because my back hurt. I'm hoping I wake up feeling great again tomorrow. This dull pain made me cranky. I was able to get out and clean some in the yard and blow off the patio. 


m1 - Eggs with tomato, zuke, broccoli, onion. 

m2 - Leftover pork meatballs with portobello, pepper, tomato sauce. A few red grapes. 

m3 - FISH IN A CAN. Oh yeah I did. And I sprang for the bowl because I'm worth it. Red sockeye salmon patties with coconut milk, jalapeno, cilantro, broccoli, zuke, onion, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and almond flour (but I forgot the egg!). Also one avocado with a little bit of Sunshine sauce. Despite the missing egg, my barely held together salmon patties were grrrrreat. 


This W30 is an endurance race. And I need to pace my head. 

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This W30 is an endurance race. And I need to pace my head. 


This is my first W30 (and post) even though I've been reading and on the challenge since Columbus Day.  This quote about endurance motivated me to "publicly" commit.  Mostly because this is how I think of the challenge.  I've run for years and done a several marathons, every day (about 4-5 times each) I think to myself, "This is a marathon, today you are at mile (x/30 * 26.2) and you can't quit now, who would quit now?!"

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