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I believe in stability and going Oooooo sooooooooo slooooooow.    It's the only way to keep your newfound freedom.   Get your mind in gear and your body will follow you.


If your mind is still stuck on Hello, it doesn't matter what you do or how many 'diets' you try or how many steps you count,  your body will call all of the shots and you'll be led around like a dog on a leash. 


You can go through all of the motions for years and end up right back on START.   Engage your brain into the process and when it starts to pitch a fit and whine, blubber and bawl...your innermost being, your spirit has to rise to the occasion and show the Body and Mind who's really in charge.   Your spirit.   


Your spirit has the greater reasons and motivation for keeping you in line.   Your spirit doesn't need any devices.   It's all you'll be taking with you when you leave this place for good.  It contains every thought and dream and every action that you did or did not take.   


Energy follows your attention.   Focus your attention on your HAPPY AWARENESS.   Your body will follow and get in line.  


It's all fun.  Really. 

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All - make sure to weigh and measure yourself tomorrow (if you want) and post any positive results. Don't be discouraged at any expectations you might have made for yourself in case you didn't meet them. The goal is to realize that "it was only 30 days" which followed a lifetime of unhealthy eating. Now that you have the tools, you can continue on. Happy Veterans Day early and Happy Birthday to the "Devil Dawgs" (the US Marines!



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Whole30. Day 30. Done.  :wub:


It's my intention to keep the W30 wisdom in my pocket and carry it around with me. I know my strength now and wow, can I roar! Now I know that I'll always be able to say no whenever I want to avoid something because I know the consequences aren't worth stomaching. 


Today I woke up late, too late for barre class (ARGhhh) or to make breakfast for my husband. And apparently, I forgot to make it for myself, as well.  ^_^ And I survived. I never even noticed until I started thinking about it so I could record it here. I would've never been able to skip a meal before without being terribly cranky to the world. And I was perfectly energetic and happy and nice to everyone today. Non-scale victory #1.  :P Boom. 


m1- Black coffee. 

m2- Shrimp and chicken with sauteed kale, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Almond butter. Red grapes. 

m3- Grilled pork chops with baked red potato with ghee, sauteed broccoli, garlic, ginger and leeks. Kombucha. 


I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve tonight. I can't wait to unwrap all of my presents tomorrow.  :rolleyes: LOVE THIS CREW. Meadow, your posts were right on today. I don't know how or why I keep crying to these songs, though. It's throwing me for a real loop. I never knew I was so emotional.  :wacko:  Goodnight all!!

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All - we are here! Our 30 day journey is complete. Please measure/weigh yourself and post your results/successes if you would like. I am happy to report that I lost 3 pounds.........it doesn't seem like a lot, but to me it is a success. I am a very energetic person and I have been slowed severely since the spine surgery. My biggest fear was that I was going to start gaining weight during the recovery. It has been over two months since the surgery and I am feeling about 95%......and 3 pounds lighter.......success! I plan on continuing on with this way of eating and work towards my ideal goal weight which is still a ways down the road........slow and steady.........eating that elephant......one bite at a time. I am proud of each and every one of you for sticking with the program, offering up advice or recipes to the group, believing in yourself, and taking the time to do something goof for YOU! I hope you have a cleaner diet (and house) after these eeeaaasssyyyyy 30 days!


Happy Veterans Day everyone!



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Success. A 12 pound SV. Kinda thrilled over this. And very surprised. I knew my clothes were fitting better, but since I was eating so well and eating so much it's quite a gift. But my SV isn't my biggest gift by far-- my NSV-- my newfound strength-- is. Knowing that I can control whatever I eat and that this will allow me to feel this good is a gift that I actually never saw coming until just recently. I get the thirty day rule now. 27 or 28 was right on the cusp, but 30 solidified my strength. 


So many gifts. And certainly one of the biggest gifts was with me every day in this very room. You guys let me in and held my hand the whole way. At first I knew I was doing something radical (for me!) by simply posting every night. I'm a fairly shy person and even this type of semi-anonymous personal sharing was a stretch. But wow, what a friendly little mosh pit I landed in! :ph34r: Slowly, I came to depend on my nightly menu posting meditation and re-reading your posts. Reading them throughout the day grounded me. You reassured me. 


"I can see clearly now the rain is gone..." The sun is actually, brilliantly(!) shining again. But, of course it is. I believe in signs, too.


Thanks so much to our leaders -- Dave and Meadow!!! And thank you to each and every one of you who walked into this room and shared your story. LOVE YOU CREW!!!!!!! 

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Happy Veterans Day everyone and HI Meadow! 


I come home to read these posts nightly but don't always post myself at night because I'm beat. SO enjoyed the Garth Brooks song - haven't heard that one in years. Made me want to go out and get a whiskey. :) I have to say, am missing the whiskey (and wine) every now and then. BUT I am feeling GREAT so it ain't a huge miss!

Wanted to mention Tom, your mentor, Meadow. He gave some great feedback on jello that I very grumpily rejected - but since have thought about it and even though I use jello for gut healing purposes only, I decided to heed his advice and not eat jello but instead drink gelatin in my tea. It ain't so bad, it's easy and my gut likes it. So THANK YOU Tom and also please accept my apologies for being so snotty before. 


Went to store yest and bought a bunch of persimmons, my new fave fruit. Might order a bunch. Discovered YOU CAN FREEZE THEM!! Love. I'm in love.


CONGRATS everybody for completing your W30!!! Veterans Day - what a great day to end a challenge! May you find new strength and stamina to continue on a healthy track. May you listen to your bodies. May you now throw your scales away. :)


m1 two scrambled eggs and two piece bacon, 1/2 persimmons, green tea

m2 sauteed greens, beat, chicken wings

m3 chicken soup (just made last night) with spinach thrown in


I would love to hear how you all are doing your reintros. Are you going to stay here or start a new thread?

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dcducks Dave and Tom are my mentors and heroes.     They're both champions and they've taught me a great deal about nutrition and life. 


When I say I've Got Friends in Low (carb) Places....I wanted to clarify that I have given up refined carbs and snackstorms.   I'm talking about potato chips sweeping me off my feet and donuts, cookies, fluffy white breads, cake (I can't stand cake), granola bars, boxed cereal and all of the rest of it.  I am talking about whopping boatloads of multi-crap.


Refined carbs are killas.  You should start a reintroduction thread.   I really don't need anymore Whole 30's. I'm no longer standing at the door.  I've blazed my own trail with a positive food management plan.  On dcducks Dave's threads,  I didn't  post my food.   I know the rules and boundaries.


I am particularly fond of not tracking anything.   Wild horses couldn't make me track anything ever again.

Rest assured, not one multi-crap is given about how many steps I take or every move I make.   No one is left in suspense with what I'm having for dinner on a daily basis. 


There is no one in my inner circle who is worried about macros on my plate or mackerels on my breath.  I eat enough fish to keep my toothpaste company in biz for a long time.  The only person I have ever been accountable to was myself.    No one was holding my feet to the fire or holding my hand -  anywhere or anytime for the past 17 months.   


There were no weekly meetings to attend or scales to hop on in front of a leader.  In fact,  an exceptional thought fell out of the sky and into my lap about scales.   I've never shared it here.  I might keep it  all to myself. 


I did it and it worked like nothing else has ever worked.   I'm not a "magic" person but it was super-natural. When I did this,  my brain training went on the fast track and everything just started clicking into place.   I reversed the curse of all of that "dieting" and weighing and tracking and misery.


I left all of it in the dust and it's still eating my dust.   Start eating fish every day.  If you can't find fresh, eat one can every day and it will do wonders for you and your brain.   Yes.  It will.


Without a group, there's really no place to visit.  I am a cheerleader.  I did it to motivate myself and keep everything fun.   I've been blathering on and foaming at the mouth for 1.5 years now.  I like shooting the breeze and milling around.    I'll come back and see you every now and again.  


Wild horses couldn't keep me away.  


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KSByer, CONGRATS to you!  You have been a really bright light on our thread here and I've enjoyed the little window into your life that you opened for us.  I know this course can carry you - and all of us - forward and feeling great and I look forward to crossing paths again with you on this thread or others.


Dave and Meadow -thanks for the prods and lectures and songs and all of it.  Really inspiring.


Cynthia, Denise, Bronnyd, all my buds from the thread - here's to us all.  Let's reintro wisely and get through these holidays....then I plan to join up again in January. Happy to join another thread on reintro if anyone is interested.


The Crew is the BEST!


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