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Juiced veggies WITH meal?


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Coming up on day 27 of my Whole30 and I'm excited that I have not made one non-compliant choice this whole time.  It has not been easy but I see and feel some results.  Anyway, for breakfast I typically eat eggs, leftover sweet potatoes with red onion and some sautéed spinach (maybe a couple apple slices, too).  I recently purchased a nutri-bullet-type thing to blend my coffee and coconut oil (so much easier than the big blender).  This morning I just couldn't handle another plate of spinach for breakfast so I blended some apple slices, a few baby carrots and 2 handfuls of spinach with some ice and water...it was really good! I drank this with my typical breakfast, not as a meal replacement or snack.  


Do you think this is still complaint?  



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The conventional diet world spends a lot of money convincing people that drinking their food is healthier, more convenient, tastier, etc. The reality is that liquid food is good for manufacturers of blenders, not for ordinary people. 


Your body digests liquid food much, much faster than solid foods. You will get hungry faster after consuming liquid food. It fills you up fast enough, but does not keep you full. So you will either be forced to spend more hours feeling hungry before your next meal or you will eat more. Neither is good. 


Also, your juice is raw veggies. We recommend cooked veggies over raw to reduce digestive distress. 

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