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Day 5 - Feeling Good


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Managed to survive the weekend without too many cravings. Went too long between breakfast & lunch on Saturday due to kids' soccer schedule and had nasty headache. Big challenge was going to a dinner party on Saturday night and NOT drinking. I live in a super health-concious area though and the hostess made a special compliant chicken after I mentioned Whole30 during the soccer game! I was missing having wine with my friends but when the ladies started doing Fireball shots at 10pm, I was glad for my restraint. Felt great Sunday morning as a reward - win! 


Doing this with my sister so she & are can text and support each other. It's hard being a working mom of two busy boys but feels good to get back on the wagon with healthy eating. Need more creative recipe ideas but so far I've been able to find compliant options even at restaurants. 


I also love that this will help me avoid the inevitable barrage of Halloween candy during this month. 

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