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Back to health with a whole 60


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Hi all,

I'm not starting until Monday but will start off a log in anticipation.

I already eat fairly similar to w30 except am guilty of too much swpo and have been dabbling with the occasional wheat-based food. Also I drink too much coffee, this will be one of my goals, to cut the coffee. This morning will be the last time I grab a coffee on the way to work, after that it will be tea only.

Looking forward to doing a shop and a cook on the weekend. I don't have s great kitchen where I am staying so. It sure how I will go cooking up sweet potatoes, will see how they go in the microwave! Also will be using his my rice cooker to brew up some chilli and perhaps roast a joint of something, wish me luck!

Alright, will check back in again later on.

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Started with some w30-esque shopping and prepping today and tested out my kitchen facilities. I made some green curry lamb chops and mushrooms and stocked up on eggs and salad goods. Typical breakfasts for me are eggs and greens (will try making frittatas in the rice cooker so I don't waste time cooking in the morning), lunch is tuna with salad and tahini dressing, and dinner who knows? Normally fish or meat and salad but with this meagre kitchen I will have to experiment a bit. This morning I had a coffee but I bought some tea bags so will switch over to that tomorrow morning, tea with coconut milk.

The main reasons I am not starting right away are a few things in my fridge that I need to make my way through first, a bit of chocolate, some marinated feta and a bit of wine. They will be gone by the weekend! Roll on Monday.

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