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Big event messing with my reintro


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Today is Day 30--yay!--and I was planning to do a normal fast-track reintroduction beginning tomorrow.


That said, I just found out that I will be attending a culinary event on Oct 11, and I most definitely want to eat and maybe have a glass of wine. Although the event is meat-focused, I am sure there will be noncompliant ingredients like marinades, rubs, etc. I don't plan to pig out, and am going to avoid gluten and obvious sugar for sure, but I still suspect I will be affected by eating off-plan food, even in moderation.


So here's the question: how do I manage reintroduction? Should I try to reintroduce one food group before the 11th? Or should I continue Whole30 up to the event?


After the event, what should I do? Revert to Whole30 until I am back to "normal", meaning feel how I feel now, on Day 30? Then do the reintro?


I am feeling good and not in a hurry to reintroduce anything, to be honest, but I want to go through the process to get a better understanding of which foods are reactive to me so I can make better choices during the holidays, and also decide if I want to eat any of the noncompliant foods on a regular basis.


Thanks for the guidance!




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My birthday fell right after I completed my Whole30. I took two days to enjoy myself and celebrate my birthday with some alcohol and minimal added sugars (in sauces and salad dressings, for example). I continued to exclude dairy, grains, and legumes. Then I went back to strict Whole30 eating for a couple of days until I felt the same as I did on day 31. And then I started the reintroduction process, which I am still going through now.


That worked out fine for me and I don't think it significantly changed my results. Hope this helps.

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