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Migrated from Food Doctor to Whole30 Day 1


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Hello all,

I am a seasoned 'dieter' and made the decision about 6 months ago to diet no more. I hated being so down on myself about food and my appearance.

I grew up in a healthy. whole food household but rebelled through my twenties and have spent much of my 30s unhappy with my relationship with food.

My sister tried a Paleo approach to eating last year and felt tons better for it and I have been reading up about Paleo for a while.

Having started the Food Doctor Diet three weeks ago and cut out sugar and white starches as well as alcohol and a lot of dairy I feel a little more confident in taking on the Whole30 challenge.

I'm on Day 1 and have already eaten 4 eggs?! Just tried Nom Nom Paleos Asian Fried Rice (Nom Nom indeed). I am a bit worried about my portion sizes as I managed to eat two big bowlfuls of the latter with ease...

Does anyone have any advice on portion and dare i say it portion 'control'

Cheers, Angie

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Hi Angie, I'm a fellow UK'er. Good luck with your Whole 30.

There's a really helpful template on this website for portion sizes:


This page also has useful info/links:


Or, to get all the info and more in a nice, easy one-stop package the 'It Starts With Food' book is a good read.

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