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Mills Coffee Roasted w/ Pumpkin Flavor & Philz Coffee


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I emailed the company and this was the reply: 


"Hi Katie,

Thanks for writing and I am happy that you enjoyed the Pumpkin Spice!
 is this coffee dairy/soy/corn/gluten free? yes, yes and yes   
it is natural or artificial flavors? 
has natural and artificial ingredients that are added after roasting, prior to grinding and brewing
so essentially, water brews through the ground coffee , the flavor is NOT added into the brewed coffee making the concentration much less than something like Dunkin Donuts which adds drops AFTER brewing."
Do I need to be concerned about the 'artificial flavors' if i know they are not soy/corn/etc/ derived?
Also, I have some Philz Dancing Water beans on their way to me (Recently moved from The Bay to RI) I'm pretty sure Philz is compliant but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know!
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Personally I'd want to know what the artificial flavours were - regardless of when they're added.

And maybe it's just me being pedantic but you asked about it being free from 4 ingredients - they gave you only 3 yeses.

Also, I don't know if you did, but you might want to have asked about added sugar & carrageenan.... 

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