Also starting today - from Ireland


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Hi everyone, starting this today and reading through all the topics now. I'm a 41 yr old mum from Ireland with 2 kids. Generally we eat fairly healthily but I have an addiction to bread pasta and salty foods which I'm trying to break!

Interested in what to have for a quick breakfast and as a snack?

Had a read of some of the recipes and some food items are totally unfamiliar to me, not sure if they are available here. Any fellow members from Uk/Ireland might be able to point me in the right direction I hope!

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Welcome....from the US but of Irish I am starting today as well. I am a 53 yr old mom of grown kids and did this in January with great success and fell off the wagon 3 wks ago....back I go....I miss feeling phenomenal. This plan makes you feel so great!

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Hi All, another Irish Newbie here! havent started the W30 yet, ordered the book today...very excited!

I was pretty strict paelo last year, went back to college and things started to go down hill :( back on track for the last few weeks now, pretty much living by Derval's description above...but need the challenge of the w30 to keep me on track...just the slight issue of a 2 week holiday to contend with..!

all help greatly appreciated



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