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I've done two successful Whole30s and about four where I've fallen off the wagon. Most of the time I'm about 80% paleo, good about cutting out grains and I've never liked a lot of sugar.


With my first Whole 30, I did not waiver at all. And, it paid off. It was amazing. All of these weird "symptoms" I've had for years and years disappeared, one by one. I finally slept. It took getting the first good night's sleep of my life on the Whole 30 to realize how bad my insomnia actually was. I lost between 15-20 pounds but those pounds made a huge impact on inches. I've been overweight most of my life. I had so much energy, more energy than I even had as a child! It was AMAZING! There are just a ton of things I could add here to support this. I truly believe that the Whole 30 program is capable of saving lives.


I am not "off the Whole30 wagon". This makes me feel like a little bit (well a BIG) failure! I find myself falling down on the food prep and then opting for something I know will make me fee horrible. Or I get stressed or overworked and opt again for something on the no list. I don't understand why I keep doping this. I'm also not very good about asking for help and I don't really have a good support system near.


So, I finally decided that I would try the forums here, if only to write something down that I can hold myself accountable. I keep telling myself, Whole 30 isn't a punishment. I love the food, I love the way the lifestyle makes me feel and I need to just follow thru... So, I guess that's why I'm posting. I also want to be a good example for people struggling with weight or other health issues where Whole 30 could make a positive difference... so HERE WE GO!


Sunday (Oct 11) will be my next DAY 1.

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