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BF Mom, Day 23, not feeling the tiger blood!!


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Hi there,


I did a Whole30 once before and was totally astounded at the changes in my life.  For the first time the intense cravings that have ruled my days disappeared!  Add to that the huge energy burst and better mood and I was hooked.  I've been so looking forward to doing another one, and am currently on day 23.  The bummer is this:  I'm just not seeing the changes I saw the first time.  I have a 6 month old breastfed son, and I was worried about supply, so I've kept it pretty high-carb:  lots of potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, root veggies, fruits, and I have to admit about a larabar every other day.  I know the first time I did it I got super-nauseous the first week, and this time I didn't experience that, maybe it has to do with the carbs?  Anyway, I should also mention that my little guy is NOT a good sleeper and I'm up every 2 - 3 hours throughout the night to feed, so the sluggishness could be explained that way too. 

Any suggestions?  I really want to end on a high note!  I was feeling pretty good until a few days ago and my energy has just tanked. 





(Example of a typical day's meal: 


Breakfast:  SweetPotato, kale, compliant bacon scramble with 3 eggs.  Lunch:  tuna salad with lots of veggies, avocado, EVOO & Vinegar, Dinner:  Paleo Almond Crusted Fish or Chicken, green beans, butternut squash.  Snacks throughout the day:  nuts, a banana, a couple carrots. 


Thank you!

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I'd recommend instead of your snacks throughout the day -- have a fourth meal. In general, breastfeeding women need to eat more, because your body needs the extra energy and nutrients. Remember that you're not just feeding yourself, but your little one as well. (And if by chance you're also exercising, you need your pre- and post-wo meals in addition to those four meals.)


If you're up for eating red meat, some people find that having that rather than always fish, chicken, and eggs can make a difference -- but if you're not okay with eating it, don't force yourself. It's just something some people notice. 


Other things to think about -- the sleep thing. That's huge. If you were getting good sleep when you did Whole30 before, and now you're getting less good sleep, that's going to make a difference, no matter how perfectly you do the food part. Also, consider that if W30 was a big change from how you were eating before the first time you did it, and then after your W30 you stayed fairly close to W30 most of the time, you're just not going to see as dramatic a change, because the way you feel normally is now better than it was before that W30 and there's just not as much changing. I'm not sure I explained that very well. Basically, you may have developed a new normal that is a lot closer to the more energetic, more even mood you that was such a change the first time, so there's just not as much room for improvement. It makes it less exciting to do a W30, but really, it's a good thing, because you're feeling good all the time.

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