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Started Whole30 10/9/15


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Hi all,


I forgot that this forum was here as a form of support! Today is day 3, and while I woke up feeling super energized, all of that has gone down the drain. But I also haven't eaten much today because I had stuff to do this morning. I figured I'd catch up on posting my log here, and use this as a place to track what I eat.


Day 1

Sausage and eggs with peppers and onions

Salad with chicken, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and homemade ranch, and roasted sweet potatoes with homemade ketchup

A few bites of Bison Epic bites



Day 2

Potatoes, sausage, eggs with peppers and onions, and applesauce

Half a lemon LaraBar

Chicken, mashed potatoes (sweet+white), brussels sprouts


Day 3

Unsweetened Applesauce, Bacon

Celery with Sunflower Butter, Strawberries


And dinner will be steak with lizard sauce, leftover mashed potatoes, and a small salad


I'm coming out of a sinus infection, so it's hard to tell if the headache I have today is from that or from Whole30 - but I'm betting it's the latter, especially since I just woke up from a nap with it.

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Keep trying! My biggest issue seems to be getting all the meals in. My mornings are problematic. I have a boiled egg and black coffee, then go work out. By the time I am home and making breakfast, it is close to lunch time. 


You can do this! I had a sporadic headache for the first 3 days. Usually a tylenol would take the edge off. Yesterday and today (d5), I feel pretty good. Was still feeling draggy yesterday, but today I feel pretty normal.


Good luck!

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Day 4:


Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with salsa (in a small amount of clarified butter), 2 homemade sausage patties, OJ

Lunch: half a steak, leftover mashed taters (white/sweet mixed), strawberries, celery with sunflower butter

Dinner: Salad with tomatoes, green peppers, sunflower seeds, and chicken breast


Things I've learned:


1) Cold brewed coffee is AMAZING. And it got rid of my apparent caffeine headache in minutes. As soon as that headache was gone, I felt completely revitalized.


2) I can eat salads with less dressing now. I'm using the paleo ranch from the whole30 site, and it's GOOD - just a bit strong/tangy. I don't need nearly as much.


3) Sparkling water mixed with some fruit juice now tastes almost as good as soda, and I'm slowly decreasing the amount of juice (today was less than half).

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Day 5: 


SO did not stick to the template today. Meal prep is crucial, yeah?


Breakfast: Lots of coldbrew coffee, half a beef Epic bar (they're so rich I can't handle more than a few bites)

Lunch: Chicken breast and applesauce

Dinner: 2 eggs cooked in clarified butter, bacon, strawberries


No idea how that little food hasn't made me sick today.

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