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Help! Could dairy keep me up at night?


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My husband and I completed the Whole30 this weekend.  Our first off-diet item was a glass of wine- this was Saturday night. 


Woke up not feeling great.. so we know now (big surprise) wine isn't great in our diet.  :mellow:


On Sunday, I decided to make some "tootsie rolls" using dates, almond butter, coconut oil and Chocolate Whey (ingredients listed are: Organic, Grass Fed Whey, Non-GMO sunflower lecithin, organic cacao, natural coconut flavor and LO Han Guo).  


I used about 1T of the Whey in the recipe and overall consumed less than 1/8 of a teaspoon of the stuff within the treat.  


It should also be noted that prior to the Whole30, I never had any obvious issues with dairy.  In fact, I was hoping that it was dairy that was causing my increasingly bad under-eye circles, but alas it must be genetics because they didn't get any better during the last month.  


Last night I went to sleep ok, but woke up around 1 and never got back to sleep (not typical for me- especially during Whole30 when I slept like a log).


So, all you Whole30 experts.. Could dairy keep me up at night?  I didn't experience any other issues (digestively/stomach/headache) and all the other food yesterday was compliant. 


Just trying to figure out if it was diet related or a fluke. 




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Dairy interferes with my sleep. It took me at least a year to figure that out because I did not routinely eat dairy. The amount you say you consumed makes me wonder if your issue is dairy or something else. You might be responding to the theobromine in the cacao. It can have an effect similar to caffeine. 

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