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Second time Whole 30, but first time while breastfeeding


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Well, I will be starting Whole 30 #2 tommorrow. I did my first in March 2014 and it was great, however my husband was out of town most of the month so that may have made it a bit easier. Since then I got pregnant in July 2014 and now have a 6 month old baby (and a 3 year old).

During pregnancy I got pretty bad morning sickness and started eating poorly, and gained too much weight.since giving birth I cleaned up my everyday diet considerably, but still made some poor choices! And I still have a lot of weight to lose. My biggest problem is I'm on maternity leave and with the two kids demanding on my time, and errands, outings etc it is hard to fit in meals for myself. I often skip lunch, then some days I snack too much in the evening on easy things, since I'm too hungry and tired to wait for a proper meal... Usually snacking on cheese and peanut butter. Luckily those two foods are off limits on W30! Also I have been having a smoothie my husband and I usually make a big one to share for breakfast. It has kefir, coconut milk, cream, fruit, greens, avocado and chia. I think the high fat breakfast has helped me maintain my milk supply despite skipping meals. So my biggest challenge this W30 I think will be making sure I eat enough to maintain supply and not skipping meals. I will experiment with the meal 4 that is suggested for nursing moms, but it may be hard since I've been having trouble with 3 meals as it is.

Today was Canadian Thanksgiving but now I'm ready to start tommorrow. I've prepped food, planned meals and weighed myself. I will take measurements and photos once my baby falls asleep. Looking forward to this 30 days to start taking back my health!

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Thanks. I plan to make some pulled pork in the slow cooker tommorrow. Also tonight I marinated chicken wings and made kombucha with the baby in the baby carrier on me sleeping! But he woke up hungry, I haven't had a chance to clean up the kitchen yet so I hope he falls back asleep soon!

My first day went pretty good. One thing was because of how it goes with getting both kids fed and ready for bed I didn't eat dinner until after 10. But I did have a small post workout meal around 5 so it's not that bad. But when I came to the kitchen I had to resist the urge to grab a spoonful of peanut butter while I waited for my food to warm up. So I think it is my skipping meals that has led. My bad habits.

A few other observations.

- it didn't take long to pack some food for me to eat when I was packing my sons snack for preschool, and this way I ate lunch ata reasonable time.

- I almost didn't get my post workout meal, since when I finished, my workout my older son woke from his nap, and needed attention, help with things. If I had went for a shower first I probably wouldn't have ate anything. So I really need to prioritize my meals.

-I haven't been drinking much water lately and now I'm working on that


M1- 11:00am(within hour of getting up) 3 egg beef and kale 'muffins' and plate of broccoli with olive oil

m2 - 2:30. (Eaten cold after a 1 hour nature walk) 3 hard boiled eggs, some chicken livers. And roast cauliflower

Post WO - 5:00 ( after Jillian Michaels DVD) 1/2 potato and small piece of roast beef

M3 - 10:30 spinach/tuna/tomato sauce, sautéed cabbage and onions with olive oil and lots of kanocha squash, 1/3 avocado

Drinks - 1 black coffee, 1.3 kombucha and water.

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Day2 meals

M1 - 10:00am 3 egg, beef and kale muffins, broccoli with olive oil

M2- 1:00 pm 2 hard boiled eggs, chicken livers, cabbage with olive oil

M3 8:45pm - chicken wings, slow cooker pork tenderloin, cauliflower, cabbage

M4 - 12:30am - a few chicken wings and a bite of sweet potato...not exactly template, should have had some veggie too...

Drinks - coffee with bit of coconut milk, 1 kombucha

Workout was Babywearing boot camp at the gym, at 11:00 am. No post workout meal because no time.

Lessons learned

- I felt like has to go pee constantly, which means I must have been drinking way less water before.

- I made sure to eat before taking the kids out to the children's museum and errands, we end up being out for over 5 hours so I glad I ate! If I hadn't I would have been so hungry when I got home that I snacked or ate some of my kids snack when we were out (dried mango...sugary!)

- I found myself having to think not to take bites of my kids good while making it or if leftover. This has become a bad habit. (Eg peanut butter and jam on gf bread, plain yogurt)

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Day 3

M1 - 10:00 -piece of egg, kale and onion bake and broccoli with olive oil, 1/4 largeavocado. ( then a bit later a bit moe avocado when I introduced my baby to avocado for the first time...verdict is he liked it)

M2 - 2:30. (In the car, eaten cold) pork tenderloin, cauliflower, sweet potato.

m3 - 8:00 small portion of fish with tomato and eggplant sauce, 3 chicken wings (not a lot of veggies, not a proper meal, just a bite to ride me over until kids in bed...the fish and sauce was what my son didn't finish on his plate)

M4 - pork tenderloin, cabbage, kanocha squash

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Feeling tired today.

I don't think it's Whole 30 related at all though.

M1 10:30- egg, kale, onion bake, beets, steamed broccoli and olive oil mayo

M2 4:00- chicken livers, 1 boiled egg, beets, apple coleslaw, kabocha squash, oliv oil mayo and shared 1/4 large avocado with baby.

Drinks - coffe with coconut milk, kombucha, water

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M3 - 7:30 pm 1 egg muffin with beef and kale, some pork tenderloin and the onions it cooked on, Swiss chard with lemon, sweet potato, 1/4 avocado, sautéed cabbage, small bowl blueberries

Workout, 9 pm - about 6 minutes of insanity then the baby got bored, so popped him in and did tabata style workout with baby in the carrier. Workout was good, but not that intense, didn't feel hungry after so didn't do post WO meal.

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So today was the first day I had a snack and a non template one at that. I had about 3 handfuls of cashews. I had eaten dinner about 2.5 hours earlier, I was hungry and I wouldn't have a chance to fix a proper meal til the kids were bathed and oldest was in bed. And my son was having a bed timesnack of cashews so....

I figured out why I was so hungry though I think, no starchy carbs t any meal today. I had thought there was some leftover sweet potato but when I went to get it out of the fridge there wasn't so my husband must have ate it. In the past I never needed to eat starchy carbs but it must be because of the breastfeeding. I didn't work out today but took the kids on a long walk. So tonight I prepped some kabocha squash and ate a 4th mini meal with some squash, pork and kale.

I didn't log yesterday, but I went to my parents for dinner, a weekly event. I am surprised that almost every thing I could eat. My dad reads a lot about nutrition and follows Dr Perlmater's recommendations among others. I couldn't have the swede because he added butter, or salad because bought dressing, but I could have Brussels spouts, cabbage with beets, roast lemon potatoes and lemon chicken thighs. Yum! I'm

lucky my parents eat this way they will be around longer hopefully and it makes it easier for me. I even gave my dad a scoby recently and he started making his own kombucha.

Yesterday's meals

M1 - 3 egg beef kale muffins, broccoli, mayo

M2 - chlili, cabbage, Swiss chard, Apple coleslaw, 1/4 avocado

M3 - roast lemon chicken thighs and potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cabbage with beets

M4 - chilli, beets, mayo

Today's meals

M1 - egg, kale, onions bake, broccoli, 1/4 avocado

M2 - chilli, cabbage with beets, avocado

M3 - slow cooker chicken thighs with tomato and carrots, coleslaw with Apple, Swiss chard

Snack - 3 handful cashews, 1/4 avocado

M4 - few bites pork tenderloin, kabocha squash, kale

Did a cook up today of kabocha, sautéed cabbage, kale, boiled eggs, kombucha, and mayo.

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Today's election day meals:

Me and baby had a rough sleep and so slept late and i didn't get meal 1 until about 12:30 which was not within an hour of waking up but about an hour after I finished nursing him for his morning feeding.

M1 - 12:30 pm - Egg/kale/onion bake with broccoli, mayo

M2 - 6:00 pm - left over pork tenderloin, 1 boiled egg, kale, beets, cabbage

M3 - 12:00 am - chilli, 1/4 avocado, kabocha squash with mayo, apple coleslaw, swiss chard, beets cooked with cabbage 


Walked over 12,000 steps today, took the kids to the local nature place to see the birds getting ready for migration.  Then did a babywearing workout in the evening.

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I forgot to mention I had some frozen mango. With dinner last night.


M1 - egg kale bake and avocado, broccoli. (Baby had avocado and broccoli with me!)

M2 - chilli with cabbage and mayo, Apple coleslaw, a small pear

M3 - , Shrimp, broccoli p, cauliflower and carrots in a coconut milk red curry (yum!), sweet potato

Workout - Insanity plyometric cardio, first time doing a whole insanity workout since pre Pregnancy, it was tough but not impossible!

Post workout - a few shrimp and broccoli, cauliflower from the curry, 2 pieces of kanocha squash.

Feel good today. Energy is good. Tummy/digestion is good. It's all good!

Let's just hope I can keep up with the cooking and exercise once I start working my contract job after the kids go to bed this weekend! I just need to make it work!

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Yesterday, day 9

M1 egg kale bake, cabbage, mayo

M2 chilli, cabbage/beet, kabocha, avocado

M3 shrimp, broccoli, cauliflower in coconut curry sauce, extra broccoli, pear

M4 chilli, cabbage, kabocha and mayo, banana

I wS so tired yesterday, mostly because I didn't sleep good because baby didn't sleep good and 3 year old has a cold and didn't sleep good. My body may be fighting the cold too, but I have barely any symptoms, just mild congestion in the back of my throat.

Went to bed early, well early for me at 11:00pm, so wasn't able to do planned good prep. So did food prep today instead. Made Apple coleslaw, boiled eggs, baked chicken legs, made a kale egg bake and steamed broccoli. Will take out a beef roast to roast tommorrow.

Yesterday in spite of my tiredness went to Babywearing boot camp in the morning, and then walked around the university with the kids all afternoon, 'exploring'. Got my son, some fries, and juice at the food court, not even tempted to buy myself anything. When I eat like this I'm not hungry...I can wait until I can get home for a meal usually.

I did feel an urge to eat banana and peanut butter last night though, the tiredness caused me to want to just fall into the 'quick snack' habit instead of having a real meal. I'm glad I did not. I was still hungry though in the evening I had a fourth meal which is allowed for breastfeeding.

Today, day10 I guess

M1 - shrimp, broccoli, cauliflower with coconut curry sauce, cabbage/beets

M2 - coleslaw, chicken thigh, tomato and carrots stew (not much chicken left), hard boiled egg, beets, coffee with coconut milk (my fat...I usually have this at least once a day but not in a meal)

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Still going well I just decided no need to log my meals everyday. It is getting busier with my once teaching job I do evenings cutting Ono food prep time, but I'm managing, sticking with quick we things,mrpasting veggies, roast beef, boiled eggs, I tried the pork sausage patties in the whole 30 book and made extra to freeze. Have a batch of kombucha waiting to bottle tonight when I finish working, which will do after I finish nursing, which I'm doing now and is why I have time to post. The actual eating is easy for me it's just food prep when things get busier that is my roadblock.

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