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Suddenly struggling on Day 13 - is this common?


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Hi all, 


If you've read any of my previous posts, I've had a really easy go of it so far on Whole30 - primarily due to eating really well beforehand.  Didn't have any detox feelings in the first two weeks. 


However, out of the blue on day 13, I've woken up with a Kill All Things attitude, am starving and generally feeling rubbish.  Snapping at everyone and generally want the world to go away for a little while.  Is this normal at this stage?  Have I somehow delayed my detox or is this just another wave of my body fighting back at last?  


Or, perhaps, I just got up on the wrong side of the bed.  I've had a good breakfast, grumbled through exercise and I'm planning on an extra-large lunch and making it my goal to just get through the day one hour at a time. 





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Actually just finished my cycle with no issues at all - bit bloated but that's it.  I think I have been very light on the carb-dense veggies - just started adding sweet potato in today so will keep that up and see if it helps - kind of hoping that I wake up tomorrow with more energy if I'm good with food today.  



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