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Kelly's Whole 30 Experience-Take 1


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Im thinking if I document my experience it will hold me accountable.


So here goes - 48 yrs old, always healthy, never any real health issues to speak of. But not exactly very kind to my body over the years so eventually this would catch up to me, THIS YEAR..... Just recently Dx with pre-diabetes, HTN, and have joint pain even when I sleep. And speaking of sleeping, I have always been a great sleeper. No longer. :( Hard to fall asleep, stay asleep. Many nights staring at the ceiling. OH!!  and I have GERD and an Ulcer, which I didnt even know I had.


Sooooooo, since I am an RN and a mom to a 21 yr old AND an 8 yr old I really really need to step up my game and get my crap together. So HERE GOES!!


I did my research , bought and read both books....I have done Paleo in the past and have had phenominal success with it. I know how amazing it feels to nourish my body with healthy food and make healthy decisions. I am looking forward to this challenge and to change my life for the better.


I began Whole 30 yesterday. Did perfectly on all 3 meals. BUT 2 Oreos found their way into my mouth at work....

SO now today is officially DAY 1....


I will post tonight what I ate & how I feel....

:rolleyes:  :rolleyes:

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Ok Day One Almost Over...


Meal One-

Protein Salad (chicken)

Green Beans/Onions/Mushrooms

Few strawberries

black coffee



Salad with Iceburg and romaine

Roasted Red Peppers & Chicken breast

Red wine vinegar and I forgot the Olive oil at home :huh:

Few Strawberries


Meal Three-



Sweet Potato


Water all day and lots of it


Meal 1 to Meal 2 was good remained hunger free right up till meal 2

Meal 2 to Meal 3 was a challenge, was super hungry by the time I got home to cook...

Prob has to do with NO fat at Lunch....Olive Oil already packed for tomorrow!


Feelin OK today - No big differences to report, not that I expected there to be...

Taking this One Day At A Time :)


See how tonight goes!!

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Yesterday was my day 2...



scrambled 3 eggs with peppers & Onions

side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower

1/2 advocado

black coffee

few strawberries


grean salad with chicken breast & 1/2 advocado


few strawberries

M3- (still soooo full)

BUT managed to eat Protein Salad (chicken)


Fell asleep with my 8 yr old at 830!

slept amazing didnt even hear my husband come home from work at 2am

(which I always do then I cant go back to sleep)

I did however dream about food ALL night....I thought that happened further into this...LOL :D

I woke up feeling great! hardly any hip knee joint pain.....


Currently at my desk at work eating Grilled chicken, Sweet Potato and a few strawberries....

the weekend will definately be a challenge for me!! BUT I am ready! :lol:  :lol:

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Saturday day 5


OK gotta get better at loging daily...

a few thngs I have noticed....

Tired Headachey last few days...

great sleep last few nights

I wake up feeling rested!

aches and pains still there BUT less than


Meals have been fun to make....sticking to 3 meals a day....no snacking

NO ALCOHOL....a difficult habit to break....BUT I am appreciating hot tea and a good book in place of that....

Although its 30 days...I am taking it One Day At A Tme.....Less overwhelming....lol


Favorites so far-

Favorite M1 - Sweet Potato homefries with onions and 2 fried eggs over them......deelish!

Favorite M2 - ........Just realized its been the same....salad with grilled chicken breast

Favorite M3 - Tie - Salmon with green beens/mushrooms/onions AND Shrimp cauliflower rice stirfry with veggies and egg......


Having my girlfriends over tonight....they want Fondue and wine......

I told them to have at it....I will be drinking Perrier and eating roasted brussel Sprouts with Aoili dip....

Time to start creating new memories with healthier habits!!!! :D :D :D

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Day 6


Had my girlfriends over last night

was worried about the wine

NO PROBLEM!!! Had a blast laughed till our stomachs & heads hurt.....

didnt even miss the wine....

I made homemade Ranch dip and veggies

and fondue for them

they loved my dip

and I wasnt even tempted to stray


yesterdays Meals

M1 - sweet potato homefries with with onion and 2 fried eggs on top

M2 - homemade chicken soup with peppers onions chicken broth

M3 - Girls over....Red peppers, carrots, chunks of ham & ranch dip, strawberries


was in bed by 11pm

and up at 745 on my own

feeling really good this morning as last night was a huge challenge for me :D :D :D

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Day 7


Yesterday was a great day with my family and friends.

Apple picking, Pumpkin picking. Apple cidar and apple cidar donuts!! FOR THE KIDS :D

Water for me....lol

and we did pumpkin carving back at the house and my husband ordered a pizza....I stayed away...


Today was our monthly Office morning meeting.....with lots of Bagels & cream cheeses....(they are killing me!!) :angry: lol


M1 for me was - Protein salad (chicken)....As they smeared their bagels with loads of flavored cream cheese.... :(

                           Red pepper slices, baby carrots and some basil Aoili for dipping.

M2 as I type at my desk - soup I made a batch of yesterday....Chicken, peppers, onions, broth...a hard boiled egg and a plum

M3 will be - Steak grilled and brussel sprouts....


 Feeling accomplished since I got thru a busy weekend and can say I have a week done!!

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