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Jane's Whole30 log Day 1-3


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Just a preface here.  I'm starting this log for me.  Seems like the best place to do it.  I'm not perfect, doing the best I can with my circumstances.  So no judgment.  If you'd like to encourage, that's great.  If not, I probably already know when I've done something wrong, but thanks though.


Day 1 - Started on a Monday, after my busiest weekend of the year - and I'm not kidding.  Should have been more prepared.  Read both books the week before.


Breakast - 2 eggs, non compliant bacon and an apple

Lunch - Tuna, green beans and olives

Almond snack

Dinner - Chicken, and roasted (Olive oil) sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, red onion with balsamic vinegar.


Day 2

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and a banana

Almond snack

Late lunch - left over chicken and veggies

Dinner - sick with a terrible cold and asleep by 6:30


Day 3 -

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and a banana

Lunch - Tuna, 1 egg, lettuce, tomato, carrots and wholly guac.

Almond snack (I have to find something different)

Dinner -

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I guess I didn't realize when I made this post topic that the heading was for all of my log.  Anyone know how to edit it?


And dinner on Day 3 - was ground venison, Newman's own Fire Roasted tomato sauce over baby spinach.

Olive oil, summer squash, zucchini, onion and mushrooms.  Yumm!

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Day 4

Thought I slept better Day 2, but last night I had terrible aches, cramping in my left knee and ankle.  Fairly common for me, but I was hoping that would go away.


Meal 1 - 2 boiled eggs and banana

Meal 2 - leftover venison, tomato sauce, sautéed veggies (from last night) and 1/2 avocado.


Uggh something is making me feel horrible - intestinal cramps, etc.  And I sooo want a diet coke to get me through the afternoon at work.  Looking for some hot tea.

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Day 4 Meal 3 - Mahi Mahi (fish) marinated in coconut milk with an almond/macadamia nut crunch.  Sweet potato and green beans.  (tried to eat bland to see if that helped my stomach)


Used Calm for my legs tonight. 


Day 5 - I'm tired and still achy stomach and joints

Not prepared and out of food to grab for breakfast to work.


Meal 1 -   1 boiled egg.  Prob. 3 oz. of chicken.  1/2 avocado and a banana.  Hot tea

Meal 2 - salad with ground venison (6 oz?), tomatoes, onions (fresh pico) and wholly guac  1 small apple


Really worried about the weekend and busy activities.  Hoping to plan tonight for it. 

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Didn't post this weekend. 

Day 5 evening - definitely hit the kill anyone stage and had a slight meltown. 

Stayed after work too long and then visited at my brother's garage.  Didn't make it home until 7pm and didn't have the ingredients for what I wanted to try.  I should have just ate leftovers, but ended up making something awful, but compliant.  My hubs try to tell me it was OK.


I wanted cauliflower rice, but only had old frozen cauliflower which went in trash.


I made an attempt at curry - with coconut milk, some spices I had  turmeric, cumin, chilli powder (no curry).   Broccoli slaw, broccoli, shrimp.  I don't even remember what else I ate.


I hate a meltdown and then made Whole30 compliant egg muffins for breakfast. 

9 eggs, some coconut milk

Browned ground venison

And whatever leftover veggies I had.

Summer squash




cilantro, salt, pepper


I used muffin papers in the muffin tin and poured mixture in each cup 3/4 full

Topped with a split grape tomato and baked for approx. 25 min.


Day 6  - Out the door at 8 am and back at 10:30 pm. - to Des Moines for 2 marching band competitions.  We had planned to come home between but didn't so that made for an interesting day


Meal 1 - 2 egg muffins and blueberries

Snack - Almonds and dried plums tidbits


Black coffee at the band contest (instead of cocoa)


Meal 2 - ate at the mall with the band kids and parents.   Went to Wok place and asked for chicken and veggies, no rice and no sauce.  Not sure what oil they use :(


Went to Whole Foods to shop - compliant bacon and sausages.  Got dried coconut and some other things I can't get at home.


Meal 3 - (all things I bought at Whole Foods to eat at the band contest picnic style - instead of concession food)

Applegate chicken

Wholly guac - carrots

Unsweetened applesauce


snacked more on almonds, coconut, and banana chips my husband bought. - need to watch this


Overall I'm proud of myself that I stayed on plan - even with unexpectedly being out of the house all day. 


Day 7 - feel esp. well today even with lack of sleep.  Pain in my wrists and leg are gone.


Meal 1- 2 egg muffins and 1/2 banana, coffee.  Communion at church


Meal 2 -  Ate at home before the soccer game. 

Leftover mahi mahi soaked in coconut milk and nut crust

Sweet potato

unsweetened applesauce (need to get some apples that I like)


Boys wanted to stop at Orange Leaf after the soccer game.  I stayed in the car, and then they BROUGHT IT TO THE CAR TO EAT WITH ME!  Uggh but I opened the windows so I couldn't smell it and resisted.  Ate blueberries that I somehow left in the console from yesterday.  Oh well.


Snacked on almonds, banana chips and coconut - need to get this out of the house


Meal 3 (my favorite to date)

Applegate - 1 1/2 chicken apple sausages (I could have ate 2)


Fresh steamed green beans


stayed up until midnight painting - need to get to bed sooner.   I also don't think I drank enough water over the weekend like I do at work. 


Noticed my Calm that I have to have at night for my RLS has organic stevia in it.  But I made the decision I'm going to continue it as I use it as medicine, not sugar. 

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Day 8 - I felt really well again yesterday (posting a day late)  Proud of myself for the weekend and sticking with this a 2nd week


M1 - 2 egg muffins, banana, black coffee


M2 - Lettuce, Applegate chicken, grape tomatoes, Annie's Tuscany Dressing,

green beans.  Raw carrots and wholly guac


SN- Almonds, dried plums, and coconut


M3 - grilled pork, sweet potato, brussell sprouts with balsamic vinegar (yum!)


There will be a potluck at work on Wednesday (Day 10 for me) that I am really worried about.  Small office and my office is basically in the break room.  There will be crockpots and plates of goodies out.   I thought about calling in sick, lol. 

Made a plan and signed up for deviled eggs - boiled them tonight.  I'll bring my own meat and veggies and just eat with them. 


Stayed up until midnight finishing a painting project - need to try to get more sleep


Day 9 - I can tell I didn't have enough sleep.  headache and my lower back hurts (probably from sitting on concrete or contorting to finish waxing)


M1 - 2 egg muffins, banana, black coffee - I don't think I mind the same thing for breakfast yet


M2 - Lettuce, tuna, grape tomatoes.  Sweet potato.  Raw carrots and wholly guac.  Just realized I forgot any dressing.  not sure what I'm doing about that - use the guac I guess.


No snack - I did not bring almonds to work with me on purpose - we'll see how this goes. 


M3 - will be the Applegate sausages and sauerkraut with fresh green beans.  I am looking forward to that!


I've decided to tack one more day on to cover the Day 1 where I started with noncompliant bacon :)

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Day 10 - potluck day. Epic fail with making homemade mayo. Tried it twice. Used it for my egg salad and then used jar mayo for the rest of the eggs for office.

M1 - 2 egg muffins, banana with cashews and coconut

They are already eating at work and talking about food

M2 - egg salad, green beans, chicken, olives

Carrot cake larabar to keep me out of all the desserts

I did it! I felt high or surreal all day.

M3- ribeye, sweet potato, 3 Brussels sprouts (leftovers), lettuce, grape tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, Annies Tuscany dressing.

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Day 11- prepared for travel for work

M1- 2 egg muffins, banana

Stopped for gas and only bought water for me!

M2- brought to eat in car as that's how it normally works but got to eat in an office.

Baked chicken breast, pumpkin puree, carrots

Prob ate too much for snacks but traveling and stress get to me. Cashews, coconut, plums

I'm tired of the ups and downs. Got home and made dinner late and it showed.

M3- 1 Applegate sausage, saurkraut, green beans, salad with 1/2 avocado, fresh salsa, olives and Annies dressing.

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Day 12 - one of my most stressful days at work, nothing went well and I ended up in car for over 4 hours.

M1 - new egg muffins. These have mushrooms, zucchini, Pedersen bacon, salsa. Part of a white nectarine.

Stress and I ate my snack of cashews, coconut.

Texted hubs that it was too much and I was having wine and chocolate at work. He talked me down and encouraged me. Off for the rest of the day in car.

M2 - chicken breast, Apple and carrots. Didn't have any other veggies to eat in the car.

Stopped once and only got ice tea!

M3 - chicken breast, green beans, sweet potato.

Off to football game so I took more nuts for snack instead of concession stand. I know I have to break this but don't know how. I know we shouldn't snack but I'm on the go so much I'm not sure how to manage that.

Overall I'm proud of myself that even with this crazy day I stayed compliant. Even if it wasn't pretty.

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I just wanted to say for anyone looking at this, that even though I've been MIA, I've not fallen off the wagon.  I've stayed Whole30 compliant and on plan.  I was logging in my head, thinking I would have time to get on here and write it down.  I may have lost track now - but really I can meal plan and do it now without writing it all down.  I did have a food dream on Day 14, right on schedule, even though I thought that concept was funny.  I was riding in car, and someone offered me gooey chocolate cake, lol.  I've been traveling alot and packing food for the day.  

I did find a local FB 21 Day Challenge group, not necessarily Whole30, but mostly Paleo and exercise accountability.  I will be posting and logging my meals/excersise on there for now on.  Hopefully that group will keep me accountable and on track after my 30 days are up.

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