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Breakfast- day 4?


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Hi All,

I've eaten eggs for the first three days and am considering trying something new tomorrow. If I make this pumpkin/banana dish and add two small sausage patties will that provide me with enough vegetable to start the day?

Thanks for your help--

Breakfast Pumpkin Custard


13.5 oz can of full fat coconut milk

1/2 cup chopped pecans, or other nut you like

2 very ripe bananas

3 tbsp almond butter, or almond meal

4 eggs

cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie Spice to taste

15 oz can pumpkin puree

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Not really, no.

From what I know of these recipes I'm guessing this is a double portion which means that's a half a tin of pumpkin puree for one day, plus a half a tin of coconut milk & a generous helping of nuts, PLUS some almond butter - which is pretty fat heavy. The banana would not count toward your veg intake.

These kind of dishes are very 'desserty' and really are trying to replicate a porridge type dish, and given that desserts are out & the rule is to not try & recreate off plan foods with compliant ingredients I'd say this is best kept until after your Whole30.

Have you tried a blended soup with some sausage patties on the side? Many eat soup for breakfast. Or something like a korma curry served over cauli rice or greens - it has that kind of sweet/savoury flavour too.

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Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling it wouldn't really qualify based on the amount of sugar from the bananas and the fat from the almond butter.


The problem is that the pumpkin/banana dish is really dessert food and the Whole30 requires that you avoid consuming dessert dishes. The amount of sugar and the almond butter is only a symptom of the dessert issue. 

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