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Gastric Bypass and 8 years later


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Hello everyone!


So, I find myself here after being kinda curious and stalky (is that a word) of Whole30 for about 6 years.  It was a bit of an underground thing that a few women did on my base in Japan and I saw pretty miraculous changes in them.


I, however, did not partake, I had recently had Gastric Bypass (in 2008) and was rapidly still losing weight and feeling great on my own.


Fast forward 8 years.  I have a miracle baby, a divorce, a new relationship, celiac disease, possibly (probable) hashimotos disease and a 55 pound weight regain. 


One of my dearest friends (who I don't talk to nearly enough) who I respect basically above anyone else has had great success with whole30.  I'm not solely looking for a weight loss (though I really would like to wear those cute skinny jeans I can no longer button), but I want to FEEL BETTER.


I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.


So here, I am, I'm looking to jump into the community and find a home while I start this journey.  Thanks for having me :)

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Hi Kita,


I had a form of bypass more than 15 years ago (called BPD-DS, bileopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch).  Although I haven't had any kind of serious weight regain after surgery other than fluctuations of maybe 10 pounds over the years, the Whole30 has been a great diet for me.  Whatever havoc the surgery wreaked on my intestines seems to be calmed by this diet.  I don't have gassy cramps when I eat this way, and (trying to be discreet here) my elimination from the digestive tract is much more "normal" than it is when I eat dairy and grains.   I digest the food of the Whole30 MUCH better, although it's challenging to give up grains, dairy and sugar.  I feel incredibly healthy and energetic on this diet.  I'm on Day 11 of my second Whole30, and my husband and I are both doing well with it.  


Let me know how it goes for you, and feel free to message me privately if you like. 





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