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Carlaccini's 5th Whole 30


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Starting this log is one way to be more accountable - I've been doing false starts for a while now and can't seem to step away from the chocolate for more than a day or two.  And I've been going a bit crazy on GF crackers as of late (which my body does NOT like). And I'm kind of tired of feeling less than exceptional - tired, achey, crazy cravings, migraines are back a full 3 days like they used to be.  This all makes me not happy.  So it's time to implement a whole 30.  And I have to say - I'm pretty chill about it.  Normally I can get a bit anxious about starting a whole 30.  Today - not so much.  I take this as a sign that I'm ready for this, that I'm needing this.


Along with my my whole 30 I would like to accomplish the following:


a 30 day plank challenge.  SO is also challenging me to take a 5k walk with him nightly. 

before and after pictures - I have NEVER done these.(I will be taking these tonight)  After eating pretty paleo/whole 30 style for about 3 years - I wonder if there is going to be a difference.  I hope so because I am bloating pretty bad (because of GF crackers and other "things"). :ph34r:

focus on drinking more water - most days I'll get at least 2 liters in but it should be more.

oil pulling - I want to try this for at least 30 days.


Here we go! (Please note that I hang on the side of AIP and lowish FODMAP - I still consume some foods in these categories but in limited quantities)


M1:  ground beef, 3 small fingerling potatoes, 2 large handfuls of spinach, couple of large dollops of homemade mayo.  Black espresso - this honestly wasn't enough as I was hungry around 11am - M1 normally holds me longer


Mid morning: tea


M2:  2 fish fillets "breaded" with seasoned almond flour, mayo, 2 slices of acorn squash, 1 cup of roasted carrots, fruit bowl of kiwi and strawberries


probably going to have a mid afternoon tea


M3: 4 slices of roasted acorn squash, Veal cooked in tomato sauce, piece of homemade Italian sausage, salad.


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I always, always do.... but never happens.  He does have a tendency of eating better though.  He's just not willing to give up bread for breakfast..... And I think he's scared of failing - even though I have advised him that there is no such thing as failing when doing the whole 30 - there are just learning experiences....

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Ooooooo there's an update!!!!


I was just on the phone with SO (Let's call him R from now on in).  He's thought about it some more and he's willing to to give it a try starting tomorrow.  We are planning to make egg muffins for his breakfast tomorrow.  I am pretty excited to hear this!!!!

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Well no egg muffins making last night.... oh well.  We plan on doing a decent cook up over the weekend.


M1: 1 bacon/porc patty, 1 egg, fist sized portion of sweet potatoes, dollop of mayo, espresso.  This again was not substantial enough.  It's 10 am and I am hungry again... of course we ate a little earlier than usual - 6:30 am (normally it's 7) 


Mid Morning: half caf. coffee - I don't have proper snacks at work.  I'm using coffee as an appetite suppressant - not good. :(


M2: ground beef, sweet potato, handfuls of spinach, mayo, strawberries


M3: Chicken breast, roasted asparagus, drizzled with olive oil


Plank - got my 20 sec plank in last night - was okay.  My core is weak.  I need to work on this.

water - got a little over 2 liters yesterday.  today I am focusing on getting more. 


feeling good overall.  stiffness in my hip and knee are not that bad today.  

Supposed to go for a 5 k walk tonight....

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I hope everyone had a good weekend!  It was chili but pleasant fall weekend.  And oh yes - we saw our first snowfall - but everything basically melted on contact so nothing stuck around.  I love fall weather.  Yes I'm one of those strange people that doesn't like hot weather.  I also love the fall colours.


Weekend meals went like this:



M1: Fried plantains and 2 links of compliant chicken sausage.  Little bit of homemade hot sauce.

M2: Chicken Breast, sauted rainbow chard drizzled with olive oil, mayo.

M3: Meatloaf with a version of NomNompaleo's Umami gravy, mashed potatoes with ghee



M1: Ground beef with sauteed Napa Cabagge. almond butter sauce (almond butter, mayo, rice vinegar, coconut aminos, hot sauce)

M2: PaleOMG's Spaghetti Pie

M3: Chicken breast, broccoli drizzled with olive oil, fried plantains.

Snack - baby carrots dipped in almond butter sauce, some strawberries, 2 slices of prosciutto



M1: Ground Beef, sweet potato, handfuls of spinich, mayo


Mid morning - Tea


M2: Meatloaf with a version of NomNompaleo's Umami gravy, mashed potatoes with ghee


M3: Roasted Herbed Lemon Garlic Chicken with Potatoes, and salad


Right now R is challenged by getting his night fruit snacking under control.  He's having a very difficult time with it.  I keep on stopping him and asking him if he's hungry.  The answer always is - he feels the need to munch, he's not really hungry.  He needs to eat more during the day. He eats less than me.  I think it's slowly dawning on him that maybe he should eat more during the day.  Today for meal 1 he had 2 egg muffins and some sweet potatoes.  He took a third egg muffin "to go" as he was full with 2 and felt he could not eat anymore.


I picked up a copy of the cookbook "Inspirialized" over the weekend.  I am excited to try some of her recipes out (with some modifications of course)


Activity was good.  Walked 6 - 7 km's on Saturday, and Sunday evening was our regular 5 k walk.  Tonight we are taking off.  

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Hi Julie!


Lol! Yes the weather was chili - both days started out slightly below zero temperatures but warmed up slowly throughout the day!


Chili is definitely perfect food to enjoy when the weather is chili.  I heard temperatures were still rather warm out your way.

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Thanks Brewer!  ;)


I had caught on that Julie was joking - however I completely missed the Chili and chilly.  O_ops!  My brain was somewhere else apparently.


Getting frustrated with R and his evening snacking.  However I now have hidden all the dried fruit on him.  I keep dried fruit on hand for sauce making (BBQ, ketchup, sriracha) and for one of our feathered pets - we have 3 birds - one is a little parrot.  The parrot eats a large assortment of foods - including some dried fruit.   I used to joke around before saying that there was a large mouse that kept on eating all the dried fruit.  But now since he is on the whole 30 with me I am needing to lecture - and I hate lecturing.  He keeps on saying that he is better, yes marginally better, but he's still snacking uncontrollably at night.  Sigh.  On the bright side it's no longer entire sleeves of Premium Plus crackers.....


Anyway todays meals look like this:


M1: ground beef, sweet potato, handfuls of spinach, mayo


M2: 2 Chicken drumsticks, broccoli, fried plantains, strawberries


M3: "breaded" cod fillets, random vegetable, mayo


I finally figured out why my hunger has been off the charts lately - period started today - it's a full week early.  Not really surprising really as one of the reasons why I chose to do this whole 30 was because I noticed my hormones were out of whack again.

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We had a very good day yesterday!!  R was successfully was able to resist snacking.  Yay! Which is fantastic.  Meanwhile I was totally exhausted yesterday, I crashed out at something like 9pm (after prepping breakfast and dinner for today)


M1: ground beef, sweet potato cubes, handfuls of spinach, mayo


M2: PaleOMG Spaghetti Pie, strawberries and kiwi fruit bowl


M3: Nomnompaleo's Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs with butternut squash "rice"

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Well it's been a while..... I've been going through a period of meh-ness - I think it has passed - or at least I hope it has passed.


Sleep has been awesome.  Sleeping solid so far - it's been fantastic.


Had a minor migraine last week - basically it was more or less like a dull 3 day headache with some nausea, and light sensitivity - I didn't need to live off off painkillers in order to function (only 1 Advil was taken so I could sleep).  The ability to function while dealing with a migraine is HUGE. So I am happy about that.


I kind of wanted treats on Halloween - but it wasn't too bad TBH.  


I have made the decision of making this a whole whatever - R has mentioned Dec 1st - this sounds like a good idea as we want to go out and celebrate his second chance at life.  Dec 1st marks the 1 year anniversary of his heart attack. 


I have also wavering on the idea on breaking up with sugar. I have broken up with dairy (I eat it maybe 2 times a year) and I am thinking of breaking up with it too (with the exception of special occasions).  Not too sure yet.  My internal sugar dragon is hollering NO! You can't do that to me!  But I am trying to give it serious consideration.  The hard reality is that sugar makes me sick.  And I am tired of being sick.


Food for today:


M1: Ground turkey/pork broken up sausage, Japanese sweet potatoes, handfuls of spinach, homemade hot sauce, black espresso


Mid morning: Black half caf coffee


M2: 2 roasted chicken legs, fried plantains, and berry bowl


Mid afternoon: Tea


M3: Meatloaf, broccoli, mashed potatoes, gravy.

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Gosh darn it - I am just feeling crummy and meh again!  I am not liking this.  It's day 23 and my period has started AGAIN!  I have never had this happen before. For me this is bizarre as I have always every 25 days like clockwork (except when spring comes then I'm usually 21 days).  I'm not terribly worried - I'm taking it as my hormones are really re-adjusting this time through.  Or at least I hope that's what's going on.  They have been shot for a lo-ooong time and I know this but my brain is still freaking out a little.


That being said - energy levels are good and I am sleeping well - so that's good.  I am also floored on how clear my skin is these days.  I don't think it has ever been this clear.  Rosacea is always hiding just beneath the surface on my right cheek.  Right now there is nothing.  It's amazing!


Hands are still marginally dry - but they are much better than my first week.  They were terrible then.




M1: 4 spicy tuna cakes (nom nom paleo recipe) , small portion of broccoli (maybe about a cup) and mayo


Mid morning: half caf coffee


M2:  Butter Chicken, roasted butternut squash.


Might have a tea later, we'll see.


M3: Turbot, potato, kohlrabi  and bacon cake (Stupid Easy Paleo recipe) and Salad.

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