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Lets do this thing (cruise in 80 days) starting on the 16th


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well, 80 days from now I set sail.  I need to loose the extra 50lbs that i have packed on.  I would like to breath, bend over, and just be able to go upstairs without being out of breath.  Most of all, I would like to be able to keep up on the dance floor with my companions in crime that are going along with us.  So god willing, I will have the stamina to keep it up.


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You can't do that with a gastric bypass while eating thimble size measuring cups of food. Ooo,  I suppose someone could but it certainly wouldn't be a Whole 30.  It would be in complete starvation mode  - using water and protein powders which can cause kidney stones and/or gallstones. 


Any starvation mode diet can cause stones especially in women who are more prone to them...after years of constant dieting.  Low fat diets and protein powders cause stones.

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Hi Misty. :)

The cruise sounds like an awesome time!!!!


I have had a great experience with the Whole 30. It surely is not a quick weight loss solution BUT it is so worth doing for many many reasons.

I think you have found the right place and I will share with you some things that happened to my body.


First of all I am 48. I work in a job that is high movement and heavy work. When I was done I could barely walk.

I thought it was old age starting.

I found the WHole 30 and was compliant the whole 30 days and then took it to 75 days.

Some things that happened:

I did lose 25 pounds in the 75 days.

BETTER than weight loss was this crazy inflammation and swelling that left my body. My first few days I had to get up in the night and pee so badly!!! lol

(I can only guess that was the water retention coming off)

Every morning I woke up I felt better mentally. I felt like I was giving to myself and nurturing MYSELF.

Preparing meals for ME was fast becoming something I enjoyed and again I say-I was nurturing myself.  :)

Positive thinking started-in my head I kept hearing that I was worth the effort I was putting in

I was imagining my body being so thankful for vitamins through natural foods

My energy increased

When I went for walks I felt my whole stance was different and I HAD ENERGY!!!!

Stairs were easier!!!!!

My hair seemed to grow quicker and fuller

My skin was nice

My BMs were regular LOL

My sex drive came back


SO.....maybe not a quick weight loss diet BUT definitely a HUGE step toward caring for yourself, losing some weight, gaining knowledge as to what your body likes and what it cannot tolerate well, gaining energy and mental and physical strength!


Do it  ;)

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