Post-partum Depression, Lack of Exercise, No Weight Loss


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I was diagnosed with PPD 3 months ago. Going back and forth between medications to find what worked for me caused me to gain a lot of weight back that I managed to lose after delivery. Then I did W30 from September to October. I lost 5 lbs during that time and have chosen the longer reintroduction option because I don't miss grains at all and don't plan on reintroducing them. With my work schedule and baby's schedule I have little time to work out, and when I do have time, I have no motivation. I didn't see the weight loss with W30 that I was hoping to see. I didn't see the energy gains either (could be due to baby's schedule). I know exercise is key, but know it will take me longer to get into a routine or kick the depression so I'm motivated to work out again (was avid CrossFitter prior to PPD diagnosis). Am I doing something wrong with W30 where I'm not seeing the weight loss? Or motivation to move more? Could it all be the depression and meds? TIA!

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Five pounds in a month about a pound a week, which a healthy rate of weight loss.


As for if you're doing something wrong, could you list a couple of days' worth of meals, including approximate portion sizes, water intake, and how much sleep you're getting? Also, maybe I missed it, but are you breastfeeding currently? Maybe we can offer some suggestions.


I'm not super clear on the timeline here, but it sounds like your baby is still under a year old? If that's the case, your hormones are probably still readjusting back to their pre-pregnancy levels. It also sounds like you're under a fair amount of stress, what with the ppd and the baby and the worrying about whether you're doing this right. Both the hormones and the stress are going to affect how fast you lose weight, not to mention the role that getting good sleep plays.


Don't stress so much about trying to get this all perfect. If you have time and the weather where you are is good, maybe try going for a walk. Being out in the sunshine will probably help your mood, and it's a little light exercise to ease back into getting moving. If the weather isn't so great, maybe try to get in some yoga or other stretching exercises when you can. Do what you can, and just know that if you consistently do these little things, it will add up to noticeable changes. It may not happen as fast as you want it to, but that's just how these things work, and worrying about it isn't going to help.

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I'm a fellow PPD sufferer and am just coming out from the depression rock. I want to offer you some support and encouragement.


You just grew a human, and now you have to take care of said human! This is a total upheaval of everything you and your body ever knew. Give yourself tons of grace, love, and time to heal and put together this "new normal". Maybe this isn't the right time for you to do a Whole30 given how much stress, sleep deprivation, and other life factors you're under. I had to finally allow myself to "give up" thinking about w30 for a while during the time I was dealing with my PPD something fierce, to just focus on my mental health aspects for a while. Once I felt ready, I was able to do a w30 again, and I just recently started getting back into a solid workout schedule.


I can't say this enough - love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Your body needs to heal, and putting all these expectations and stress around weight loss will only discourage you. Do loving things for your body - eat whole30-ish, but don't deprive. Focus on nourishing exercise such as walking and yoga, or any healthy movement you enjoy. Spend lots of time in nature and with loved ones (especially that baby - cuddle him/her hard!). Just focus on things that bring you happiness and reduce stress. When your body is ready for a w30 and maybe weight loss, it'll let you know. This is (sort of) what I did once I started to figure things out, so I hope that it will maybe help you as well.


In regards to your treatment plan, have you considered therapy? I (and my doctor) decided to go with just therapy instead of meds, and so many of my depressions symptoms cleared up within weeks without side effects. Many insurance plans cover therapy, especially for PPD since it is so common. I know it's a time commitment and I get how time works with a new baby, but I really recommend it if your doctor thinks it would be beneficial.


Best of health to you and your little one, and I hope we can do a w30 together when you feel better!

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