50% Weight Reduction in 1 year, 8 months


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I started off doing a Whole 30 back in February of 2014.  I weighed about 450lb and had a 68" waist.  As of now I'm down to about 220 and I wear 40-42" pants, depending on how they fit.  I celebrated this milestone by buying the ultimate ex-fatty car, a 15 year old Miata.  I couldn't imagine sitting in this thing a year ago.

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Congratulations!  I'm trying to get back into a Whole30 lifestyle, and I have close to 200 lbs to lose.  Have you found good support anywhere for people with that much weight to lose?  I went for a bariatric surgery consult yesterday (something I swore I'd never do), and I feel like I'm almost too scared to proceed.


Thanks in advance, and congratulations again!

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