My 4 year old is crying for pizza - day 6 and 7


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My four year old and I are doing Whole30.  We are on day 7.  Well he is technically day 4 as he had sugar and gluten-free grains at our small school group on Monday.  Anyway, last night he started crying for pizza.  Today he is crying for pizza, mac and cheese or spagetti.  I feel so sad for him.  All the protein he will eat is sliced turkey and eggs.  I know he needs to eat more, but he is picky.  He leans on fruit for his cravings.  Any tips for handling this mourning period for him?  Thank you!

PS:  I allow him to have sweet potato chips.  Ingredients are sweet potato, coconut oil and salt.  I don't endulge in these myself as the snack demon will come out, but I feel like he needs something familiar...  Thanks!

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Not to imply that your son has autism, only that you may find some helpful tips on this thread that addresses kids, pizza and Whole30.


Here's another one on picky kids:


Also, commercially prepared chips of any kind (even with compliant ingredients) are a no go on a Whole30, so good for you for not indulging yourself!  :)

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