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2nd Whole30 - Trying to make it work


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I've had a fantastic and fairly easy first Whole30 this summer. I kept on eating quite well for a while, but then the new semester started, I had a full-on teaching schedule and quite long hours, and was very stressed for about three weeks. Frozen pizza to the rescue. Then I had some overnight visitors and thought, what the hell, give it another week of easy carb-y food before going back to normal.

Well. Now I want to go back to normal and find that it's a lot harder than expected. I read all the articles and info, watched Melissa's recent periscope (I have a girl crush), but knowing the problem doesn't mean it's gone. Despite it all, I sat on the couch yesterday with three boxes of Christmas candy, after six days of Whole30 (which was good, previously I've made it through 3 days max.). I suck. I don't want the Whole30 to turn into yet another approach that worked well first because it was new and shiny and exciting, and then became the enemy and stressed me out even more. I want to keep on liking the Whole30! 


Therefore - just as last Saturday - today is a new day and a new start. I'll force myself to stick to all the recommendations, even though meat and veggies are the last thing I want and I know I'll have a really hard time eating enough. I'm not telling anyone, because if I do and quit again, they'll just look at the program like it's yet another fad diet that's not sustainable and realistic, and I know that it's not! So now I'll go through my beloved Well Fed books, Nom Nom Paleo and Against All Grain to make a plan for next week, while ignoring the Great British Bake Off Book of Baking standing next to them. 



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