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1st week (by tonight) complete!


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Hi everyone..first post... I will have finished my first whole week on Whole30 by dinner tonight. I feel pretty great today, but it was a rough week. My 9 year old had a fever all week with congestion. Either I caught it or it was my detox (or both) but I am finally feeling normal today. 

I am not a planner, but I must say I am quite proud of myself preparing meals, etc.

Some NSVs so far: last night I didn't crave my usual one piece (or 2) of dove chocolate squares, my face looks less puffy and my digestion is much better. 

Some set-backs: relied on nuts too frequently (working on correcting that) and not getting enough veggies at bfast (remedied that this morning).

Hope I can keep up the positive attitude!

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