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Second Attempt: Eddie's Log

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Gah. This bites. You know what sucks about doing a Whole30 after being Paleo? You assume all your spices are alright. Welp, my chicken buillion had soy protein, corn starch, AND added sugar in it. And I felt off for a good part of today. And I had it yesterday. And I was on day 22. Oh well. Guess that means only one thing...


Restart time. Today is now day 0.


It's all good though. I don't think staying on track will be hard for me. I've conquered my sugar demons and whatnot. Just gotta do a whole 30 days of clean eating. I am curious to see what I'm sensitive to. And honestly, I'm unsure how I feel about the program's 'eat 3 meals a day, breaky an hour after waking up' rule when I used to eat 2 meals (breakfast skipper) and felt fine, but hey, it's only 30 days. We'll see. And heck, if skipping breakfast is what I'm looking forward to on day 31, I must be doing something right. You could do so much worst xD


Here be my Instagram adventures of the days past.

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And ha, logging in daily is a new thing for me, oi xD


Ok, basically, due to the Daily Email starting on Day 0 instead of 1, Sunday was Day 0. Hosted a paleo putluck with the group I'm in on Meetup.com. Served stuffed pumpkin with slow-cooked lime shredded pork with cauli rice. Peeps digged. Twas a joyous day lol Oh, and decided to do burpees that day. Did 80 in 10 minutes. I'll regret that soon enough lol


D1M1: 2 Egg Muffins and some blueberries

D1M2: Leftover Stuffed Pumpkin with cauli rice and side salad

D1M3: Porkchop, sauteed green beans & asparagus


Was sore from the burpess, but nothing too terrible. Roommate broke my first ever bottle of kombucha though. that sucked, big time >.>


D2M1: 2 Egg Muffins, blueberries, half an avacodo

D2M2: Leftover shredded pork on top of cabbage with half an avocado

D2M3: Big Old Salad topped with pumpkin seeds,half an avocado, shredded pork, and balsamic vingarette and grape kombucha!


Ugh, I swear the second day after I work out is when I feel the most sore, bah x.x but hey, proud of trying the kombucha! It's interesting, not really bad or anything, but like a light soda. And ha, haven't had that stuff in ages xD


Let's see, food/craving-wise, I think my previous attempt nailed it. Hell, I don't even snack at all. Just 3 meals and I'm good. If I had it my way, I would IF from time to time, but eh lol. Oh, and I'm also considering adding MovNat routines and participating in this weekly obstacle course practice race for fitness and fun. Me likes to swing lol

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Huh. Today was an interesting beast.


D3M1: 4 Egg Omlette with Jalapeno Peppers, onions, and mixed greens with a side of blueberries

D3M2: Big Old Salad of Lettuce, mixed greens, grilled onion, cherry tomatos, cilantro, shredded carrots, shredded pork, and balsamtic vinagerette with some graps

D3M3: Chicken Stir fry!


Oi.... Today was an odd day indeed. Sometime after Meal 2, had a little bout of dirrehrea. Not sure if the jalapenos or the kombucha was to blame. I'll guess I'll experiment and see later on. Oh, and I originally was going to make chicken curry for dinner (first time ever having it!!!) but I realized the curry paste I bought contained sulfates!!! I almost failed again! ugh! thankfully I love my chicken stir fry and they're a quick meal. Sheesh lol

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Another day conquered! Whoo! It's nice not really dealing with the Timeline syptoms this time around. I believe last time I was having dreams about binging on donuts lol


Meal 1: Roasted Peppers and brocolli and shredded pork with tomato sauce, 1/2 large avocado, and 2 fried eggs

Meal 2: Big Old Salad: Mixed greens, 1/4 large avocado, lime vinegarette, hard boiled egg and shredded chicken

Meal 3: Chicken Curry on cauli-rice with grape kombucha


Did my workout of push ups, squats, planks, and pull ups.


Slept for 7 hours or so.


So.... I prefer the basamic vingarette over lime, but oh well lol. I really wanna  get into the habit of working out, might do some MovNat stuff at the EOS Fitness around the block from here. I'm sad that Gilcrease Orchid will be closing for winter soon. Loved all them fresh veggies :( but feeling great and ready to tackle the next day! (plus, made quite a bit of curry. it's gonna be my M1 lol)

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Bum bum bum, another one bites the dust >:3


Day 5 is done! Not bad at all.


Meal 1:  Chicken Curry on Cauli-rice

Meal 2: Big Old Chicken salad with lime viniagrette

Meal 3: Mexican Breakfast with pork, egg, and veggies in tomato sauce


Huh, instead of like 10 minutes after I woke up, I don't think I was really hungry today. Kewl lol. Excited for tomorrow, we having family Bunco, and I'm thinking of bringing over  some bloody eyeballs from nom nom paleo. Someone at the last Bunco event gave me a hard time for being on a Whole30 (seriously, I just told her I was on an elimanation diet, and her response was to ask how old I was. like, really? It's immature to only eat healthy things? ugh!) but hey, that's when you bring food to win peeps over ;D Have a good weekend yall!


Oh, that reaction on Day 2 was definitely from the canned jalapenos. I had no adverse reaction from the kombucha I drank last night. Weird. It was compliant, but.... oh well I guess. Lesson learned lol

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Ha, another 3-day-er? This is why I'm not a blogger; ain't that good at consistency xD at least I'm getting it down. That's the main thing, yeah? lol


Day 6


Meal 1: Chicken curry on cauli-rice

Pre-W: 1 Hard-Boiled Egg

Post-W: Bison Bar

Meal 2: 5 Guys Hamburger

Meal 3: Curried Greens, Chicken, green beans, a fried egg, and half an avocado


Oi, that day's big event was the obstacle course training at Camp Rhino. I've been there twice already, and I absolutely love obstacle courses, so I got a membership primarily for the practice obstacle course racing. and WOW. did it highlight my weakness. I have no upper body strength. I actually tired out during the first lap. I was surprised how quickly I lost my energy. Just dang. I really wanna get that stength up. Oh well. Compliant burger at 5 Guys helped, somewhat. Who orders just a hamburger? no cheese? no bun? oi.... oh well lol.


That day was also the game night of Bunco, a family get together where peeps bring food, eat, and play this game that you might win money from. I was going to bring a fruit salad, but couldn't find jimacas, so I ended up going with my pumpkin nut muffin instead. I don't know what sucked more, that I made a recipe I can't even try, that only 1 person tried one muffin (and liked it), or that now I have 12 pumpkin chocolate chip paleo muffins sitting on the counter at home?  ugh! oh well, On Friday we're having loads of sweets in the break room, so I'll just ditch the muffins there then.

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I decided to space these entries out, since the Saturday one was quite big. Doubt these 2 will take up as much room lol


Day 7


Meal 1: Some sauteed veggies in tomato sauce, 4 eggs, half an avocado

Meal 2: 2 1/4 lb burgers with sweet tomato fries with fried egg and avocado


Today was alright for the most part. Starting to feel sore from the workout yesterday. Met up with a friend to go veggie picking at Gilcrease Orchid. Love that place. It bites they're closing for the season after Halloween. I've been so used to going there, I kinda forgot they close during the winter. Dang you seasonal cycle!!! But while I was there, picked some pumpkin, green beans, and carrots. Shall be yum in the tum in future meals lol.


I felt a bit hungrier than usual today, I assume it's due to the workout yesterday. I've always known that the second day I work out is usually the worst. Just hope it won't be too bad. And oh, had my meals a bit late, and figured getting a good amount of sleep was better than trying to squeeze Meal 3 in there. And batch cooked a few things. My 1st meals and 2nd meals are already prepped for the week. Go me!

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We keeping this gravy train rolling!


Day 8


Meal 1: Breakfast Casserole with blueberries and sweet potato

Meal 2: Fish Salad with basamic vinagrette, hard boiled egg

Meal 3: 2 1/4 lb green chili burgers with  pumpkin fries, fried egg, and an avocado


UUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!! No wonder I hate working out. The soreness is killing me. Reminding me how weak I am. ugghhh..... And the lady at the obstacle course was telling me I should come in Monday for Crossfit. Sometimes I think these peeps don't care for recovery. Either that or my recovery is crap. blah. Did some yoga before work to encourage blood flow. Aside from that, quite the normal work day. Co-worker brought in hummus and carrots with a coke, I just keep my mouth shut. Small strides, I suppose. and WOW. Carmalized onions are SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! I had it in my salad, and holy crap, I thought I spiked my salad with candy! It was some gooooooood eating lol. 


And ha, I browsed a few sites and I want to expand my horizons. I've basically been cooking for like 1 1/2 years, and I neva really messed with condiments or sauces. No immersion blender. I chuckled to myself about Melissa's post that she was dumbfounded on a Whole30er who hasn't tried homemade mayo yet. I neva was really crazy for condiments, only if the food I was eating (corn dogs *cough*) was dry, but I think I'll give it a shot. Chicken salad salad sounds bomb lol. At least, coming payday.


Kinda funny none of these posts are about difficulties eating this way. Heck, I was paleo before, and my first attempt basically eliminated my urges for snacks, so now I'm just sorting riding it out and fine tuning a few things. Whole30'ing it up!

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So far so good! Keeping it rolling on lol


Day 9


Meal 1: Breakfast Casserole with raspberries and half an avocado

Meal 2: Fish salad, hard boiled egg, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Meal 3: Roasted chicken thigh with broc/cauli mash.


Did my 15 mile bike ride today to/from work. Man is it getting cold out. Gotta start wearing gloves. oi.... Felt some hunger about 2 hours after my shift began, but it faded out til lunch time. and sheesh, my coworker was actually asking for snacks not even 15 minutes after her shift began. and kept asking peeps about every hour. That girl... Always 'starving.' An interesting thing I noticed when I stopped snacking and only eat my meals is that I haven't thrown away anything in my personal trash can for a few weeks now. The janitor comes by the end of the day, and every time I told him he could skip me cuz I had no trail mix wrappers or zip lock bags in my trash. Interesting development.


I think I'll join the EOS fitness gym that's prolly 2 miles away from my home and hit that place up 5 days a week working on MovNat stuff. I can't wait, especially since they have a sauna and i LOVE the saunas. I'm positive that's the only reason I even worked out in the past, just for that sauna afterwards lol. We'll see.

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And now, we move onto....


Day 10


Meal 1: Breakfast Casserole with raspberries, half an avocado, and sauteed brocolli

Meal 2: Fish Salad with half an avocado and hard-boiled egg

Meal 3: Chicken curry with stir-fry veggies and pumpkin


Good day overall. Had no real difficulties diet-wise. I was informed we're doing a bday celebration for my boss on Nov. 13th or 16th. There will be cake and fried chicken. Mmm mmm good! lol I'm thinking of bringing either a salad or chili. It's kinda being known I'm eating healthy. Been doing this for like 2 years or so (Paleo at least) yet I'm still hesitant on telling peeps about it. Idk. I hate having to explain myself and not being able to come up with a great answer undermining my diet choice. Oi..... oh well. Anyways, it's all good. Another day bites the dust lol

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And honestly, I'm unsure how I feel about the program's 'eat 3 meals a day, breaky an hour after waking up' rule when I used to eat 2 meals (breakfast skipper) and felt fine, but hey, it's only 30 days. We'll see. And heck, if skipping breakfast is what I'm looking forward to on day 31, I must be doing something right. You could do so much worst xD

Recommendation, not rule, IIRC. I'm an IF dude, eating only between 1p-9p.

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We be chugging along, today be...


Day 11


Meal 1: Casserole, blueberries, sauteed brocolli & sweet tomatos

Meal 2: Fish salad with hard-boiled egg and balsamic Vinagrette

Meal 3: Pumpkin chicken curry with roasted zuchinni

Dessert: Roasted bananas



Welp, today was interesting. Had some leg strain in the middle of the night. Me thinks it's due to riding the bike too often. Either that or not stretching after riding home. When I do ride, it's 15 miles total. Methinks I should take a more active approach for stretching. Oh well. Anyways, digging my foods. I'm looking up new recipes as well. Prolly making mayo, ketchup, this pineapple salsa thing..... ah, the ideas lol


I tested my banana allergy tonight by roasting bananas, basically making banana chips. Ate half a banana's worth, no allergic reaction. So I just can't eat raw bananas. Interesting.... Gonna have fun at work at the Halloween get together tomorrow. And of course, snacks and whatnot in the break room. Glad I avoid it lol Anyways, onward with whole30'ing!

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 And of course, snacks and whatnot in the break room. Glad I avoid it lol 


That's one of my favorite things about being on a W30 and the habits that get strengthened as a result --- all that pervasive office junk food is much easier to avoid. The candy dish becomes similar to a bowl of paper clips: I walk by and it doesn't even occur to me to munch on them.

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Happy Halloween Eve peeps! But more importantly, today marks...


Day 12


Meal 1: Casserole, sauteed mushroom, blueberries

Meal 2: Fish salad with hard boiled egg and balsamic vinagrette

Meal 3: Chicken stir fry on fried egg cauli-rice with nori strips


Not a bad day at all today. I think I'm starting to get a little tired of the fish salad. Either that or the carmalized onion. Funny, I almost never got tired of my orginal chicken salad lol. I've been having new recipes on the mind lately. Wanna dive into making mayo, ketchup, more curries, roasting pumpkins, and new dressings. Maybe try this Sunshine sauce everyone on this site raves about lol. A company-wide potluck has been announced for Wednesday. Gotta figure out what to bring. The theme is Hawaiian themed. And oh snaps..... that's like my fav type of food. I'm certain it'll be easy now to not indulge in non-whole30 foods, but ugh.... if I didn't screw up, I would be able to enjoy moar of the Hawaiian dishes I won't be able to try for quite some time. bah.


In speaking of screwing up, I think I've been unintentionally for some time. Tomato sauce? Added sugar. Cranberry bison bar? Added sugar. Sheesh. I need a post card on my head that says CHECK ALL THE LABELS. oh well, aint restarting for no added sugar in relatively sugar-less products. Just don't use them anymore and be wary of more products like that.


Oh, today's Halloween treat stuff. There was only a carton of Albertson's cupcakes. And I already know from prior experience they taste like crap. My muffins were getting moldy, so I had to toss them. Apparently homemade goods have a short shelf life. Who would've thunk it? lol.


Started MovNat today. At least this primer I found. Seems like it focuses on lower body for now. I feel I need help with upper body. I'm overall coordinated using the lower. But, we'll see. Also got the obstacle practice race tomorrow. Fuuuuuuuuuuun lol


Oh, speaking of tomorrow, Gilcrease Orchid will be closed after Halloween. So last chance to pick veggies there. Sad day indeed. Also planning on participating in Chipotle's Boo-rito event on Halloween. $3 burrito (salad in my case) for peeps to dress up with an unnecessary prop. gonna be a wizard clown lol. Ah, I love this season~

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Alright, only 1 day late instead of 2. Progress! lol


Day 13


Meal 1: Casserole, blueberries, and stir-fry green beans, carrots, and cauliflower

PreW: Hard-Boiled Egg

PostW: Some White Whitting fish and sweet potato

Meal 2: Pork carnita salad with green chile and guac at Chipotle


Man I love Halloween! Good times, good peeps, good eats, and all that stuff. Managed to sprain my ankle during the Camp Rhino obstacle race this morning, had some difficulty getting around for a lil bit. That. Sucked. Big time. Everytime I go over there, I get injured somehow. Gah >.< Oh well, next time will be the charm.


I was running behind with my halloween plans, so meal 2 was pretty late, around 7pm or so. Was planning on getting another meal at Chipotle again, but the cashier informed me I couldn't get the $3 deal cuz I was ordering a salad instead of a burrito, so I skipped that meal. Sucked, but it happens. 


Not much to report. Just gotta keep off the ankle if I can help it. Whooooooo lol

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Ah, Sundays. Always fun. Eh lol


Day 14


Meal 1: Casserole, blueberries, stir-fried green beans, cauliflower, onion, and cherry tomatos

Meal 2: Cleaning-Out-The-Fridge Salad (turkey, olives, brocolli spears, pumpkin, all cooked in tomato sauce)

Meal 3: Turkey Stir Fry

Meal 4: Roasted banana


Heh. I think I should separate grocery shopping day and meal prep day. That was quite a bit lol. Honestly today, I hit a wall. In the midst of my meal prepping, I just wanted to stop. Quit all the prepping and whatnot. I think it's sorta on me, cuz most of my meals are somewhat elaborate, almost always recipes. I've been considering simplifying my meals a bit so they're just variations of the meal template. Not sure. Still gotta figure that stuff out. That was just a werid funk. Hell, I even pigged out a bit and ate a whole medium sweet potato dipped in tomato sauce just for the overall convenience of it. Just sucks feeling like one of your weekend days is being consumed by cooking and cleaning, ya know? Oh well. I felt better after making mayo for the first time! I think I need more lemon, but hey, it'll open up opportunities for new recipes! Hello egg, potato, and chicken salads!!! Or at least a condiment to eat on the side, if I'm going that simple route lol


I didn't really meal prep, mainly made the casserole and some hard boiled eggs. Hmmm..... I think I can throw together a fish salad salad tomorrow and finish meal prepping.

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Extra hour!!!! Whoooooooooo!!!


Day 15


Meal 1: Casserole with mayo, half an avocado, and stir fry veggies in tomato sauce

Meal 2: Fish salad with mayo

Meal 3: Shredded pork, stir fry veggies in tomato sauce, jimaca fries and cilantro-avocado mayo


As ya see, today was a mayo-filled day. I dig it now. now..... maybe i shouldn't put it on all my stuff.... but I did a double batch....... oh well, yum! No issues so far. w00t!

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