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Weaver8082's Whole30 log


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This is my first attempt doing a Whole30 and so far I have been successful, but I'm only on day 4 :) .


A little about me. I'm 35, married with and 11 year old son. I was always healthy and physically fit as I had very physical jobs, at least up until I turned 23. My fiancé returned home from deployment, we got married , I got pregnant and he deployed again all within 4 months. My diet stayed the same (SAD) but I was no longer working out because I was having the pregnancy from hell. Fast forward 40 weeks and I had ballooned up to 300 pounds which was about a 3.5 pound weight gain a week. My ob just told me to quit eating so much.


Fast forward 6 years and only a 40 pound weight loss, as well as other issues, and I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have tried various diets and medications over the years, but each year I just feel worse and weigh more. So here I am 6 years after my diagnosis and I'm back to almost 300 pounds, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and pre-diabetes.


My biggest downfalls are the cravings and sugar. PCOS is very cruel in that your body can't use the sugar it has already and seems to be always screaming for more (in simple terms). I need to break this sugar addiction. For me, for my health, and for my family.


My husband just deployed again for a year long deployment and the photo a friend took of us when we went out to dinner the night before he left is what really spurred me on to start the Whole30. When I saw it, my first thought was who is that really fat chick with my husband and then my brain went, "that's you dummy!" There were some tears shed, especially at his farewell ceremony. I know its terrible to admit but some where for him and the rest were for me and my life as I looked on at all the thin wives. Here I was feeling like shit, bloated, in pain, and having to stand because I was afraid to sit in one of the chairs lest I break it. My health problems have taken too much away from my family and my life.


So here I am today. I'm on day 4 and I woke up after the first full night of sleep I have had in a long time and while I still feel tired (like always) I feel a bit more energetic. The cravings have hit hard last night and this morning, but I know I'll make it through!





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Just finishing up day 8 and its not been as bad as I thought it would. I do have some pretty strong sugar cravings, but I think they are just habit cravings as I only really have them after a meal.


Mu biggest thing is I'm not very hungry and have to force myself to eat especially at dinner now. I'm also tired as all get out. I started a very low stress workout program at the same time, but just can not find the energy to workout for the last few days. I know its been said that if you get up and start that you will usually finish the workout, but not me; I do about 5 minutes and just have to stop. Hopefully that will change.


One big benefit is I am sleeping through the night for the first time in years. No getting up to use the bathroom numerous times. No getting up becuase im hungry at 2-3 in the morning. Finally, no more going to be and then laying there all night until 4-5 in the morning before I fall asleep.

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