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Whole30 Musings


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Well my first Whole30 is over and I can't believe how fast it went.

The things I got out of the whole30:

  • More pleasure in simple things like cooking and shopping for fruit and veges at my local farmers market
  • Pleasure in buying food that's good for me and guilt free
  • Changing attitudes to food, a work morning tea table crammed with sweet sugary, non compliant food – doesn't attract me and doesn't really look like food anymore
  • Better sleep habits, although I hope this is still to improve
  • No fog and far less turmoil throughout the day. I genuinely feel less stress about things
  • My clothes are a little looser.
  • I feel happier
  • Taking time to cook and eat brekky is a lovely start to the morning rather than running out the door and grabbing toast in the way to work.
  • My veges don't go off because I'm buying more than I end up eating. They last longer too because I'm buying them from my farmers market.
  • I learnt to like black coffee
  • I have use for the many Tupperware containers I never used to use
  • I feel more in control of my eating rather than food doing the leading.

New Goals now that I've finished my first Whole30

  • Practice some easy, low prep meals from the ISWF and Well Fed. I have time at the moment to do cookups but that won't always be the case so I need some tricks up my sleeve.
  • Trial salad dressings and dressings for veges – I eat salads at lunch a lot and they need a bit of vamping up.
  • Stop watching tv in bed. Read instead.
  • Go for a walk or cycle 3-4 times a week including pedalling to the farmers markets on Sundays.
  • Drink more water. I have felt increasingly dehydrated which has been exasperated by starting back at hot yoga. Definitely need to beef the water intake up.
  • Start to build a network of friends (new and some old) of people who eat the Whole30 way.

Reasons to do another 30

  • I want to reap more benefits including losing weight
  • I really enjoy this way of eating and for the most part don't have a desire to eat other foods. I did have some carb cravings the last few days which I gave into today and am now regretting.
  • I'm a bit worried about reintroducing sugar etc and experiencing energy crashes, sleepless nights and the fog that can come with them. (I know this probably means I need to start to ride my own bike but figure I have more reasons not to go that way yet.
  • I think I still have some digestive issues, aka as not normal bowel movements (sorry) which I think is indicative of giving my body more time to heal (if it's not and you think I should be doing something about it let me know).
  • I spent the last few days with thoughts of eating carbs and getting excited at the sight at chocolate. This ended with a bit of indulging the day after my Whole30 finished and which I am now feeling not too happy or healthy about.

Thanks for reading. All up I think the whole30 has been a great experience. How I am feeling now (on the evening of a non-compliant day of eating just reaffirms of all the good to come out of eating the Whole30 way.

Thanks everyone for their support too, it has been amazing and helped make my first Whole30 so much more enjoyable.


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Hi mich

Did you see my certificate ?

Check it out on my log

I think you deserve one too but I don't know how to make it for you

You did great ,getting to the end.

I havnt tried any noncompliant food yet,nothing has really tempted me .what did you eat that made you feel not so good?

If you don't eat wheat for awhile and then re introduce it ,it can cause stomach issues.

On the subject of sugar ,I think I could live without it except in fruit

Do you still crave sugar?

Try making a larabar .I used almonds,almond butter,dates coconut ,cacao ,ground up in food processor ,made into a slice and set in the fridge.

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Sarah, I did see your certificate, Derval is a sweetie. :rolleyes:

I had chocolate and bread so not really sure which one made me feel ill.

I don't really crave sugar, I was already feeling a bit off and was a bit bored so I think some old habits kicked into gear. Was still not 100% today.

The last few days before I finished the WHole30 I was contemplating reintroducing carbs nothing else really tempted me. I am thinking that maybe I was undereating carbs again and that was why it was the only thing I wanted to reintroduce. Could be wrong though.

The larabars sound good but as I don't typically feel like snacking between meals I think I'll wait a while to try them. Having them there at the moment will just encourage me to snack and I'd prefer to work on embedding my new habits a bit more. I will keep the recipe up my sleeve though.

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Good for you not snacking

Wish I could do the same

This afternoon i gave in and ate fruit and larabar .I ate such a good breakfast and lunch so wasn't hunger

I think I just ate from boredom.need to break the snacking cycle

I think it was the bread that made you feel bad....never the chocolate

Seriously,I have been told by a doctor that if you cut our wheat it can cause problems when you reintroduce it

Hope you feel better soon

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