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Fell off the horse


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When your feet hit the floor in the morning, you will run to the kitchen and make yourself a big honking breakfast.  I'm sure you must have compliant items in the house.  Eggs, tuna, some vege.  Something you can have for breakfast.   If you have to make a run for groceries, you'll find the time.   







See that RESET BUTTON in your mind's eye.   Put your hand on it and feel the whirr of your motor start to run.   You're going to get back up and running again.   No looking back.   No looking back.


When you finish this time, you will conduct a proper reintroduction phase and make it slow.   You can deal with that when you get there.   Tomorrow,  you're going BACK TO THE FUTURE.   


SHAKE OFF what you've told us and the stress that you're carrying.   Tomorrow is a new day. 


Give yourself permission to love yourself.

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That's right.  Miss Scarlett always got her mojo back.  She was always looking forward while everyone else was eating her dust.   She wasn't the sweetest thang but nonetheless, she gotter' done.  Fiesty, spunky, plucky, gutsy....that girl had True Grit.

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