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Whole 30 take 2


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Last Spring I completed a Whole60. I felt great, I was proud and I lost 15 lbs. Why I went back to my old horrible habits?? I can't answer that, Fast forward to 5 months later and I am back feeling horrible, rashes on my body, foot pain, fatigue, hormone imbalance. I got everything tested possible at the doc and they say I am all normal. The only thing I know helped me was the way I felt when I was on the Whole30. I start again tomorrow. My main goal in this new journey is to figure out :

1) Why does the sugar dragon have such a Strong hold on me. I know it makes me feel bad. I found proof that the Whole 30 works yet I went right back to my old dragon and fell prey even worse. Why????

2) I may have to say goodbye to that part of my life forever. The dragon may just be such a strong addiction that just a little turns into a lot. An alchoholic can't go back to drinking a little bit of alcohol so maybe a sugar addict is the same.

I hope to get these answers on my journey this time through. I am signing up for forums, discussion groups and everything I can get my hands on.

This time around I have to do this for good. I am not getting younger. I want to be active and healthy for my kids and future grandkids. I look forward to sharing this journey with others in the same boat.

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