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Once again into the breach? yes. I know this is best, I know how good I'll feel. I also know how hard the first week is and I have been putting it off for the past 6 months. My sugar dragon is as big as ever and I feel perfectly crappy. I kept thinking today that I'd just get some ice cream and start tomorrow. I am going to start tomorrow but I realized it will be even harder if I eat the ice cream today. I actually thought about doing weight watchers for the thousandth time and also thought about oa again. I know that dieting is NOT the answer. so once again into the breach.

I want to use my weaving as a welcome distraction from eating when it is not appropriate.

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Okey dokey Day 1! A good part of me does not want to do this but my mature, better self is in charge for now. so far the day has gone well. I have eaten 2 tasty compliant meals, went to the gym, went to the grocery without buying anything I would regret later and have been weaving baby blankets, which keeps me out of the kitchen.

However, I do not feel well. I have a headache and killer indigestion. I am tired from a poor night's sleep. I just want to whine a bit, please.

So...I should make a bit of an introduction for any one reading this and to remind myself from where I am starting. I am a 59 year old woman. I have a long history of disordered eating and currently about 100# overweight. I had a knee replacement in Feb that went well but lately is feeling swollen and stiff. I have other arthritic issues, plantar fasciitis, digestive issues, poor sleep, a tendency to depression, chronic runny nose. a little over 2 years ago, I did my first Whole 30. I did a second one right before my knee surgery. I am not new to this but what is different this time is a willingness to use this forum to keep a little journal. some how, having this semi public makes me feel a little more accountable, which is a good thing, especially for the first week. I will make an honest effort to post daily for the entire 30 days.

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thanks Flow! I know I can do it, I have done it before and I can do it again. Here is what I ate today:


3 scrambled eggs w/ghee

Vegetable soup

Coffe w/coconut milk


Tuna w/my mayo


1/2 Apple



Ground beef patty

Roast butternut squash/ghee


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Day 2 is done, thank goodness and I am on to day 3. 2 was a bit tough and I am embarrassed to say that because in comparison to what I went through following knee surgery, it was nothing! seriously? Nothing. I had issues yesterday of being very hungry between meals and needed to snack, which I hate to do. But... I know that today I need to eat more. I was also very aware that a good deal of the time when I want to eat, I am thirsty or avoiding some task I don't want to do.

I could tell that my body was dumping fluid yesterday because I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes, it seemed. I was headachy most of the day as well.

on the up-side, my indigestion was gone and I slept pretty well last night. I feel like I have enough energy for a trip to the gym today. when I did my previous W30s, I did not do anything for exercise and I want to change that this time around. Not by being excessive or compulsive (my usual MO) but by listening to my body and moving in an appropriate way. I did a TRX workout with my trainer on day 1 that left me very sore yesterday. that is much diminished today and some weight training sounds like a good thing today after resting yesterday.

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Day 4 - pretty sketchy. I had to fast until almost 2 this afternoon because I needed a fasting blood draw for my yearly health assessment. I then ate an apple and some beef steak. Not ideal but quick. Not eating for half the day so seriously triggers my starve/binge cycles. I can't even believe how shakey I am feeling emotionally right now. I have been debating with myself about going to the grocery and then starting over with my W30 tomorrow. I guess because I am here writing, means I am not going to the store. fortunately, I haven't much here at home that would cause any damage. another fortunate thing is that my husband will be home in about 45 minutes. I never binge in front of him, so I just need to hold out a little while longer. My higher self reminds me that if I binge today, starting over tomorrow will be even harder. as icky as this feels right now, it is easier than starting over. and I know this is a first world problem but it is my problem and I have been fighting it since I was a kid and sometimes it seems that I will never get past it.

I have a compliant supper of Chocolate Chili (leftover Thankfully) with salad planned and now I think I'll make myself some tea.

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YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I am just seeing this post and I am a day behind you. I am on day 4 today.


Have had horrid indigestion today - couldn't eat anything between breakfast and dinner at 6, I almost felt I was going to throw up!

But went for a spoonful of cider vinegar and a glass of water right after eating a snack of fish and tomatoes at around 3 pm and that helped. Then I could eat a full dinner a little later, and followed it with the cider vinegar, and things are ok - not great, but ok.


Hope your day was ok

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