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VERY Early Riser - Meal Planning Help


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Hi All,


I am starting my Whole 30 journey today for the first time and I'll admit I have a lifetime of terrible eating behind me so please forgive the potentially very naive question.


My partner gets up at 2AM for work so she eats her breakfast around 3:30 AM and she tries to eat her lunch at a "normal" hour also so that she can eat dinner with us in the evening around 6.  That leaves her pretty much STARVING by around 7AM/8AM.  Should she be incorporating another full meal in to her routine between her breakfast and the traditional lunch?  Or just snacks?  Or since they recommend truly only 3 meals a day, is there something better we should be planning in her AM breakfast that will keep her full for 9 hours?!?!  Seems a little unrealistic but just thought I'd see what you guys thought.  :)


Thanks in advance!

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Our general guidance is to create meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours, so we certainly don't expect anyone to go 9 hours during awake time between meals.  :) 

Here's what I would recommend for your partner:
- meal 1 between 2 and 3 am
- mini meal or standard meal at 7/8 am
- meal at noon/1pm
- meal at 5/6 pm


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