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I have to confess..I've been a wishy washy Whole30 member. I've started many Whole30s but alas, have never finished the program.


But here's the good news. Despite being a part time Whole30er, I've had success with my goals.


In the springtime I participated in a Body Transformation contest. My plan was to do Whole30 for the entire 12 weeks. I didn't stick to the program 100%, but guess what? I won the contest!


Here's my before photo. I was mostly eating from the "do not eat" Whole30 list.



Here's my after photo. I was Whole30 compliant about 80% (ok, about 70%) of the time.




My next goal is all about strength. I signed up for a hardcore class that involves barbells and kettle bells. My plan was to do Whole30 for the entire 8 weeks. I haven't stuck with the program 100% (sound familiar?). But guess what? I'm getting strong!


Here I am dead-lifting 195 lbs. 



I'm happy with my accomplishments but dang it, what would have happened if I stayed with the Whole30 program? 


My Whole30 failures are haunting me. It's time to do something about it.


Back soon with my new goals..





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