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Starting Oct 20!


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I'm starting today too! I've been meaning to do another whole30 for some months now. This morning I went out for a short run, and that's when I decided I should start today :)

Today is as good as any other day, and better than never!

I've done a whole30 2 year ago, and since then some days now and then.

Good thing : lots of vegetables in the fridge

Not so good : not a lot of protein around, and not much time to go shopping


Let me know how it goes, girroir!


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I'm starting my 2nd whole 30 today. I did my first whole 30 in June of this year and felt great. Unfortunately I wasn't great at following the lifestyle after my 30 days and fell back into my bad eating habits. I've had a few false starts since then (I can't seem to make it past day 3 when I start to get headaches and have NO energy). 


After feeling horrible and bloated at work yesterday I decided to recommit and muscle through the first week. I made a marathon trip to the market, cleaned out my fridge and was up until midnight cooking/prepping meals for the week. I'm going to do it this time!

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