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First time Whole 30er....


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Hi All,

I've been eating pretty paleo for the last couple of years but really want to kick the sugar now. So my wife and I are starting a Whole 30 today.

Breakfast Day 1: Scrambled eggs, fried red cabbage, 1/4 avocado, half a smokie (ingredients are whole30. I checked!)

So far not much of a change except no milk in my morning cup of tea. The true test will come around lunchtime when I am craving my daily macchiato.


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Thanks All, knowing that sugar is a demon makes me wonder about the apple I'm eating or the banana I had this morning. Am I using it as a crutch? Just getting my sugar fix in a fruit form or is it fine and I'm going to deep into this?

And Carmen, good luck on your whole 30 too.

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