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Rotisserie Chicken - what's a good portion?


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As per a previous post, I'm trying to fit larger portions into my meals so I purchased a rottiserie chicken today and had the following for lunch: 


1 head of sauteed british greens (approx 200g)

5 baby tomatoes

2 small beetroot

tablespoon of kimchi

2 legs and a wing of chicken (with skin)

fresh fig


Is this the right balance I should be aiming for?  It seems like an awful lot, but it's an active day for me so I'm hoping it carries me through to dinner with any hunger.  


Thanks for any advice! 



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It's hard to tell without knowing the size of the chicken...

How much chicken was there in relation to the size of your palm? The recommendation is for 1-2 palm sized pieces, but remember that this is the minimum recommendation and if you are particularly active you may need to eat more. There's not much meat on a wing regardless of size, and if it was just the drumstick rather than the full leg then two would probably be fine.

Where was your fat though? Protein will give you staying power, fat will give you energy and this meal is seriously lacking in fat (IMO).

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what jmcbn said.


Personally I don't love eating chicken off the bone, so I always remove it prior to eating. This makes it pretty easy to gauge a "palm-size" portion. If you do this once or twice, or have a really good imagination, you can probably figure out how much actual meat is in each piece. A palm-size or two of meat (not counting bones or skin) is what you are after.


On fat, if you really are eating the skin of the chicken, I think that counts.  ;)

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I'd love to know where you can get a compliant rotisserie chicken!  I'm always wary of any added oils or marinades that might make it non-compliant...




-Lauren (GGG)


Hi Lauren--I have found a compliant rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods, from my recollection the ingredients were Chicken, Salt, Pepper, EVOO. They have SEVERAL other non-compliant flavors as well so just check the labels on the bottom...plus they were expensive ($12.99 for a chicken that would not last me more than 4 meals) so being a frugal Franny I opted to make my own instead. 

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