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Starting Over - Day 0

I am starting over after a disasterous weekend. I have the idea down, I've done lots of research on primal/paleo lifestyles, have read several awsome blogs...I know what to do! Now....its just up to me.

My Goals to be acheived during and after the whole30:

- Post my meals every single day --- no cheating self!

- Exercise at least 4X/week --- including "nature walks" with the kids. Even if it is a stroll its an activity right?!

- Try and get 8 hours of sleep each night

- Create a weekly meal plan and purchase groceries only based on this

- Slowly introduce husband and kids to paleo meals

- Follow my progress on my calendar and mark it with a lovely star

- Make a list of why I need to stick to the Whole30 and post this list at home, at work and in my car

- Continue to research Primal/Paleo lifestyles because it keeps me interested and perhaps one day someone will find what I have to say beneficial to them too.

I Will Do This!!

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On Day 0:

Breakfast: smoothie - 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 cup spinach

Snack: Grapefruit

Lunch: Leftover Zuchinni Lasagna (squash,beef,zuchinni,mushrooms, tomato sauce/paste)

Snack: Yogurt, plum

Supper: 2 chicken wings with olive oil, s&p, squeeze of lime and spring mix salad with veggies

I think I did good. I was most proud of the fact I did not eat anything after supper. Living in Canada we only have a few months where we get good quality produce and most comes from my family's garden. You can sure taste a difference when you eat a farm picked cucumber vs the ones from the store. It is like a completely different vegetable only ... its not!!!

I visited a local shop that sells all natural goods and score big on coconut products, almond meal/flour and gluton free items. Although a bit more pricey then the norm stuff....the benefits are worth it.

Let Day 1 begin.....again.

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Day 1:

Have a cold darn it! Has made me pretty tired but life goes on.

Breakfast- 6:45am was running late for work so had a booster juice with a shot of protein and a hard boiled egg. Reading through some of the blogs and other people's logs, how important it is to have a big breaky filled with protein. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Lunch - 11:30 spring mix salad with hard boiled egg and olive oil to dress it. I forgot my can of tuna at home.

Snack - 1:00 felt hungry probably due to lack of protein and had some cherries

Supper will be served at 5pm and we are having salmon, with a side salad loaded with veggies and some steamed beets fresh from the garden

Then off to dance class for the kids!

Tonite I will prep tomorrow's meals so that I don't go hungry throughout the day.

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I was just about to write about the lack of protein in your breakfast…glad you picked up on that. Each meal, including snacks, should contain veggies, protein and fat.

You could be feeling hungry due to lack of protein and fat and perhaps food in general. I can't get a good feel for your portion sizes. Protein should be about the size of your palm. Fat should be about the size of your thumb and then fill the rest of your plate with veggies.

Snacks are just mini meals and need to contain the same as your meals…veggies, protein and fat. Cherries, plums, yogurt is not a snack. In fact, is yogurt even W30 approved?

I hope this helps.

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Thank you Carie. That did help muchly. I'll be sure to alter my days after reading your suggestion.

I've been sick so have not logged my food the last couple days.

Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage and 1 cup of cabbage with 1 stalk green onion, 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms and seasonings

Lunch: Large spring mixed salad with left over prawns (approx 7) baked after being marinated in olive oil and garlic. Salad also inlcuded, 1 stalk green onion, 1/4 c cauliflower, 3 wedges of apple, 4 grape tomotoes halved.

I'll post supper tonite

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