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Feeling guilty?


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So I'm well past the 30 days and have reintroduced some things, which has been unsightful. One of the things I liked the most about eating whole30 was the complete lack of guilt for food I ate. Now post -whole 30, I am pretty much eating the same but occasionally (only twice) ate off plan. Now guilty feelings about food are creeping in, and not just about off plan food but on plan food as well. Context: years and years of dieting and tracking and being "good" and splurging followed by guilt.

So I'm wondering if the bloat I feel from eating gluten and soy (ate both separately - both caused bloat and weight gain immediately) is triggering this emotional response that is bleeding over to everything I eat?

Thoughts? Experiences?

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Ok, so -- here's my take on this one.  Tell me if I'm wrong.  :)


For 30 days, you were able to let go of the guilt, because, after all -- you were following the rules.


You are used to having guidelines.  They bring you comfort.  


Now that you essentially riding your own bike, you are starting to question your decisions.  Because, hey, this personal responsibility thing is a heavy weight to carry, isn't it?


There is no more countdown.  It's just you, following your own rules.  And that makes you nervous.




And also, yes.  The foods you re-introduced can have an impact on your mental clarity.  Your emotions.  Your everything.  That is why they are excluded in the first place.  If I were you, I'd be thankful that you had such a noticeable reaction to them.  That may help strengthen your resolve to stay away from those things because you want to feel good.

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I'd say you nailed it.

Here's the funny thing - I should give myself some credit. After the 30 days and I was "free", I did not do what I usually do and just splurge. And I ate completely normal portions - not the whole huge piece of cake.

So I have to learn to trust myself to ride the damn bike.

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