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I am laughing to myself as I write this post; reminds me of the one I wrote 12 years ago when I ended my nursing relationship with my then 13 month old infant. Today is the last day of my first Whole30. Since I have no intention of offroading, and tomorrow is a crazy day I thought I'd post today.

Why did I do this? I have been a yo-yo dieter for all my adult life (30 years). I ranged from 118 lbs to 203.5. 10 years ago I was in the "best shape of my life". Sadly, I was eating the Atkins-fied processed food, primarily soy-based proteins/low carb stuff. I needed to know how I responded to optimum nutrition. I wanted to break my emotional relationship with food. I wanted to get rid of cravings and I wanted freedom from counting/calculating anything. I wanted to lead by example for my 2 teenage daughters.

Results/Observations: Why is there soy in my white albacore tuna and dextrose in my Morton salt??? I read labels very carefully now and am much more aware of what is going into my body. I have loads of energy. I fall asleep when I go to bed and often wake up before the alarm. I have zero cravings. My skin feels better than it has in years. I am eating way more than I used to and my food budget did not go through the roof. I actually spend LESS time cooking. Homemade mayo is easy and tastes great. Restaurants really don't mind if you ask questions regarding food prep and most are quite helpful in assisting you with appropriate choices. I had 3 small cheats: day 3 I consumed canned tuna containing soy on accident. Twice I had business meetings after chili for lunch and chewed gum with xylitol. I never, not once, felt deprived. Aside from immediate family and a couple friends, nobody knew what I was doing. Although it was not my primary goal, I dropped 2 pant sizes, lost 20 pounds and 11.5 inches from my chest, waist, and hips plus another 2 from each thigh in the last 30 days.

Now what? I will slowly try adding foods back into my diet, testing for sensitivities so I can make educated choices about what goes into my body/how it reacts. I have no intention of running out and offroading, but a latte every now and then or some chips and salsa or guac with a norcal margarita might be a nice option to have. I have not been working out AT ALL due to scheduling. I'd like to find it in me to get up at 5:15 three days a week to get to the 6AM class...but I'm not there yet. I'd like to do another Whole30. Next time I will complete food logs so that I can have them for future meal planning and friends who want to see what I am eating.

Overall, It was a fun and worthwhile experiment that truly did change my life! So grateful to the Whole30 crew and the forum for support along the way. Thank you!

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Wow! 20 pounds - that's amazing! Great job! And I loved your line "Why is there soy in my white albacore tuna and dextrose in my Morton salt???" It's so true - I found myself almost yelling at products I was reviewing in the grocery aisle. People must have thought I was crazy! Again, great story! Keep it up :)

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