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New to Whole30, and doing it to kick my sugar cravings that have just gotten out of control. 


I am on Day 3, and the tiredness/fogginess sucks, but I know it will go away at some point.  I also had some crankiness, especially yesterday when a salesgirl in a store asked me if I needed help three times and I almost lost it on her.  Totally not like me...but my sugar dragon is pissed off right now.  Poor girl, probably thought I was crazy.  :angry:


I am finding that not snacking is hard.  If I absolutely need to snack, I am trying to do it with a vegetable.


I discovered dried mango today and had some with my dinner (the chicken cacciatore recipe from the book, which is amazing).  Noticed I was having probably too much of the dried mango and asked my husband to take the bag away.  He did and I stopped. Thankfully.  He isn't doing the Whole30, but is completely understanding of the whole process.


I do hot yoga a few times a week and did not notice any lightheadedness, but it was definitely harder.  Not sure if it was because I haven't eaten sugar/grains, etc, or because I walked by a Cold Stone Creamery on the way to the yoga studio and wanted to die because of the smell.


I wanted to sign up for the Whole30 daily, but I didn't log on to try until after my start date...and apparently, I can't sign up after the start date, which sucks.  Didn't realize that until it was too late. 


Upcoming obstacle is going to be a client dinner/boat cruise this Friday evening.  I have already asked my boss to atleast buy a veggie plate for me.  I will most likely have to eat before. 


I know I can do this. It's not hard, right? Just 30 days. Although, Apple is releasing a taco emoji, and I know everyone is going to be texting me it as soon as it comes out...and it's going to make me want tacos.  :wacko:


PS- Anyone know any good recipes for ground turkey? Didn't see any in the book.

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I'm starting on Monday. From what I've read you can substitute ground turkey in any recipe that calls for ground meat. I already made and froze the sausage patty recipe using ground turkey. I hope you enjoyed the cruise and made it through successfully. I think the eating out situations seem very challenging. As for tacos, use lettuce leaves as your "shell" and fill with seasoned protein, salsa, guacamole,etc.

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The boat ride went well.  I made a compliant ground turkey burger and green beans and ate that just before I went on the boat.  They did bring me a veggie plate so I did have some broccoli and celery.


They served pizza (smelled amazing) and at one point brought out plates(!!!) of desserts....but I stuck to my guns, thankfully.  If I thought about it for one second I took a sip of water or ate a celery stick.  It was hard, but not as hard as I thought to resist.


I am on day 7 now. The crankiness and fogginess is less.  I did not eat any more dried mango after that first night I tried it. I think its a dangerous one for me.  


We did eat out this weekend, and I was a total nazi about it.  I had to like triple check everything with the waitress and the chef, but they seemed unfazed by it.  I live in California, so everyone has a restriction.  I'd like to hear your experience with eating out when you start. Good luck!


The one funny thing that night -- I had the most vivid dream where I was eating all these desserts and basically binging and I woke up as if I woke up from a nightmare and seriously had to remind myself that I was still compliant.  I guess they weren't kidding about the dreaming in the book!  :P

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