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Day 5: bigger thighs; confused about early-morning wo meals


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I'm on Day five and my thighs are bigger. I have not weighed myself, so I have no idea if my weight is different, but I di know that my thighs are rubbing in a way they usually don't and it's uncomfortable. 


This is my first Whole30. I spent the spring accidentally starving myself because I had (emotionally-linked) general food aversion for the first time in my life. Then I saw that I was thin, and I liked it. And then I spent the summer trying to figure out what I could eat to be healthy and stay thin. I ended up tracking calories for the first time in my life, getting depressed, and generally feeling hungry and guilty a lot of the time. 


I like that the Whole30 will help me get my head around my relationship with food, but of course I'm scared to lose the confidence and swagger I have when I like the way my body looks. And this thigh-rubbing feeling is making me nervous. 


Also: I don't understand morning workouts and breakfast. I get up at 4:30, have a cup of coffee and an egg, then work out (HIIT or moderate/heavy weight training for 30-45 minutes.) What comes next, meal-wise, as I hurriedly get myself and my four-year-old out the door by 6:45? I don't seem to have time to eat a post workout meal AND breakfast, and I'm wondering if I can combine them into a meal, and then what meal element to prioritize in that one meal. 


Thanks for the help!

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No "real" changes develop in 5 days, but bloating, water retention/dehydration, etc. can make your body do a variety of things. Don't let these transient things derail following a good program.


If you combine post-workout food and breakfast to save time, you will still owe yourself another meal beyond the basic three. A post-workout meal is bonus food to cover the energy expenditure of a workout and to jump start the recovery process of tired muscles. Post workout food must include lean protein and optionally starchy veggies to be effective. If you include fat in this meal, you slow digestion and prevent protein from reaching your muscles soon enough to maximize recovery. 


I find it easy to eat a can of tuna packed in water immediately after a workout as post-workout food and then eat a regular meal 30 minutes after my workout. However, I have been doing this a long time, so this may be challenging for someone just getting started. The thing is, you can consume fat with a meal 30 minutes after a post-workout meal without slowing the progress of the earlier protein to your muscles. 


If you leave the house after eating just a post-workout meal, you should plan to eat "breakfast" as soon as you can and then have a real lunch and dinner later in the day. 

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