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Hormones? - Can't stop crying!


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Hi, I'm Robin. My story is really really long, but it's a successful one. I've been on Whole 30 since September 5, and don't plan to go back. I don't cheat. I can't have sugar or a lot of other foods like a healthy person, but I am living it. I know I need to post about my success at some poinot (I want to help others with Severe Gastroparesis and autoimmune conditions) but I just don't know how to explain the enormity of what has happened to me. Because it is that big. The health benefits for me during/after my Whole 30 were so significant it even confused my doctors.

Even with the huge level of success I achieved I'm currently having one issue - emotions/hormones

Of late I've really been having an issue with emotions. Hurt, sadness, crying. I'm not depressed (I got checked) and I see a medical professional everyday, she's my neighbor. Some days I'm angry. Angry that my life got so out of hand, so completely messed up because I was so completely sick. Mostly it's this rush of emotions of being so unworthy and unloved that I need to cry to let it out. I am so incredibly lonely. When I was sick, I couldn't have cared less if I was alone. But that's changing. I am no longer strapped to a bed day after day.

I'm suddenly realizing (now that I feel amazing) that my husband is still treating me like I'm sick. No sex, no cuddles, no sharing a bed. He isn't really an emotional kinda guy (way to analytical), but I need more. I need it or I'm going to go crazy. I've been crying alone in the bedroom just to get it out. But I don't want to have to do that. I know my husband will come around, it takes time to undo the thought process of having a bedridden wife who lived every single day in pain.

Here's the monkey wrench I think I may be dealing with: I had a full hysterectomy in 2006, everything but one ovary is gone (one that now doesn't produce). I pretty much went through a forced form of menopause before I became disabled. I was also not the norm after surgery, as my libido went into overdrive x100 until the day I was layer out with my first migraine.

Is it possible that it's my libido coming back with the hormones? Could that lone ovary be working again?

Is there any compliant anything I can use to help? I can't / won't take estrogen therapy because of the risks.

I just need to stop crying over the small stuff and be happy that I have come so very far in such a short time.

Thanks for any advice . . .


My History: 2004: Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, REM SBD, 2009:Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines with Aura (15+d/mo), C Spine Stenosis with Nerve Impingement (2/3 and 6/7), and then the most horrific of them all Gastroparesis.

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