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Hi everyone! Started 10/20


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Hi everyone! I'm Kris. I'm on day 5.

A little about me. I'm married to an amazing (really!) Man and I am a mom of two little boys ages 8 and 3.

I am pretty overweight, but physically healthy (just got a full check up and testing done by the doc where he tested for a bazillion things due to some strange symptoms I was having and it turned out I just have a vitamin D deficiency)

I'm not doing this to lose weight (that would be a nice perk, but not something I'm counting on) I'm doing it more to Kickstart my healthier lifestyle. Even though I'm physically healthy, mentally not so much. I have ADD, depression, and I am tired and unmotivated all the time. I'm pretty sure a big part of it is my diet. I LOVE carbs and processed food. I probably won't completely cut them out of my life, but definitely cut down on them in a big way. And cutting them out fully for a full 30 days, plus eating ridiculously healthy will be a great Kickstart for that.

I'm not going to lie, it hasn't been easy. The recipes are complicated and use tons of ingredients, so I haven't been using them, just doing my own simplet stuff. (Like chicken grilled with salt and onion powder with a side of broccoli drizzled with the basic vinaigrette from the book super easy and tasty!) I can't really do anything too complicated because we can't afford it.

I'm in what I suppose is the detox stage. I've been in a bad mood, my depression is rearing up like mad, and I have no energy or motivation, but I know that will get better. I hope sooner rather than later, though!

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Congrats for taking this huge step towards better health!

I started on the same day, and today I feel good but feel like killing everybody... I have no patience whatsoever, even with my 4-year old daughter :-/

Yesterday was massive headaches... Well, tomorrow can only get better! :-)

Hang in there!

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