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Accountable Again: A Joint Post-W30 Journey


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Man, the holidays are tough. Part of it, is trying to keep traditions... another is trying to impress friends/family, and the last piece is comforting yourself. My parents were in town for 8 days... if you knew them you'd understand why I drank so much. Of course, I'm still on crutches, so we were stuck in the house for a majority of their trip which made eating and drinking (and board games) a focus of their trip. The scale doesn't say I gained much, but I feel it... I know.


There are some traditions that aren't healthy and maybe just need to be dumped. Growing up, we used to do cinnamon rolls while opening stockings, and then having a real breakfast after. My husband was eager to keep that tradition, and while the sugary blobs were good, they weren't amazing. They weren't worth it... We also have some appetizers which are staples in our house. I decided not to do the cheese stuffed celery... zero nutritional value, but kept the antipasta plate telling myself I wouldn't eat the cheese (who am I kidding). I also decided not to do chips and dip because this is a food without brakes for me... but the husband decided to get some which is out of character for him, so who do you think ate it all? ME!


The meals themselves that we ate were all relatively on plan, but not neccessarily compliant because of sugar. However, the healthy swaps I normallly would have made I felt guilty for asking for since my husband did ALL the cooking and also had to deal with my parents. He made his family's pasta sauce (compliant) and even bought me zucchini to make zoodles, but man there was no way I was asking him to make them after he already did so much that meal, so I ate regular pasta and felt the bloat immediately.


So to skip more of a recap, where am I now? Slowly going compliant since NYE... My plan was to start fresh on New Years day, but alas I'm at the mercy of another. He told me after my last 30 that he would not support another one, so I am not "officially" doing a whole 30. However, I told my husband that I would be eating cleaner. New Years day we were going to do taco's because they're easy, and I can make a large taco salad. But what happens around dinner? We're both exhausted from lack of sleep and he asks if he can just do take-out tonight, and I let him. I got chicken lo mein, and felt super guilty but enjoyed it because its my fav. I then decided for lunch I would not have the leftover and I would eat clean yesterday... but I got hungry before dinner and had a few bites of the noodles and that alone made me feel like a failure. I'm trying to tell myself right now that its not practical to do a 30 but I can adhere 95%.... we use honey in some cooking, there was probably crap in the taco seasoning last night, etc etc. I can be 95% and be successful, but I can't sneak in asian noodles and tell myself they're a part of the 5% where I'm not compliant. I need to get over the guilt but I also need to stop justifying and lying to myself.


I'm prepped for this week and am actually pretty excited about getting back on track again. Again, I will try to make this a daily log :)

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I can login at work again since the forum changed, let's hope it stays this way!


Yesterday was a good day,

M1: Paleo egg casserole w/sausage and extra veggies

M2: Taco salad with avocado

Snack: Almond butter

M3: Simmered ginger chicken with Cauli rice and green beans and side salad


Lunch wasn't filling enough, we typically use 1lb of meat at dinner since it makes 4 meals, but we don't pair extra veggies with tacos and thus end up taking more meat at dinner and not having enough for lunch. I suggested to Jaret that we should use 1.5 next time. Dinner wasn't really filling either, I took more cauli rice but I didn't eat the extra zucchini I had prepped bc J got offended that I was trying to add onto dinner. I could have used it. He wasn't full either and apologized for not making enough, which happens all the time, but he snacks after... and I don't. Its BS. I'm not sure how to approach him on this without offending him. I also need to start bringing salad at lunch again to prevent me from snacking at work...

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